The revolts of the niggers

I see some excitement around American facts. I imagine that many former sixty-eight are all rejuvenated, and I see that the various leftist anarchists and radicals are very excited in front of the American news.

It's a bit of the youporn effect. If you don't fuck today , you can always watch others fuck and masturbate. Likewise, if you don't revolt today you can always watch others do it and (I suppose) masturbate.

In both cases, the masturbatory use of the media excludes any real implication. And if we consider that even General Pappalardo managed to be pitied in a square like Beatrix von Storch, the masturbatory dimension of this attention is obvious. As Monty Python said, " word ".

But let's get to the bottom of the matter.

First of all, the Minneapolis police are not new to these phenomena. It is an openly fascist police who, rather than being trained to stop people, have had military training over the years. "Military" means that she was not trained to "stop" people, but to kill them.

Moreover, the technique of pressing on the back of the neck with the knee, which is prohibited by the federal regulations of almost all the Olympic martial arts that involve the fight, is known for its dangerousness. Especially on overweight people.

Knowing (because the Minneapolis police have been known for these actions for decades) our chickens, I am not surprised at all that the autopsy says it is not asphyxiation. Too bad that this technique does NOT kill by asphyxiation: pressing on the neck for a long time, along the last vertebra, kills in another way. It should be counted how many black people remained quadriplegic or in a steel lung in Minneapolis to realize this. In any case: don't do it at home .

But let's get back to the point: "I can't brethe" wasn't born in 2020. Others had already been killed the same way in the past. It is not the first time this has happened, and not only in the USA. It was the same death as Federico Aldrovandi, only that in Italy the cops are more "smart" and press on the chest or diaphragm. If they do, put your feet on the ground and push your glutes upwards. It will hurt more, but you can breathe for a few seconds even if you have a person on it. At least I can, and I do randori with German characters of 100+ kg, so I think an average person succeeds in turn.

The problem, I was saying, is that the Minneapolis police are known for this, and the latest open murder occurred during the Obama era. And here I would like to take a break. The problem is not to say "But it also happened with Obama gnegnegne ".

The real problem is to understand what this revolt wants to do. If the problem is triggering on Trump and the Trumpies, forcing them to show the most horrible face, I mean even more horrible, they will probably succeed. Between vicious dogs and invitations to shoot on protesters, Trump is becoming an unsaleable product to spin doctors. Ditto his trumpies, which now appear in the public discourse for what they are: "frustrated white trash". Karen unrealistic and slim shady of home delivery.

But let's go back to the revolt. Let's also assume that he can change the president. And then? We said that Obama didn't manage to solve the problem either. And Biden, who was the deputy, hardly succeeded. ' He too is not coming out so well, because he knows very well that he cannot promise much.

And we are at the point.

The mere collapse of the status quo is not enough. Each complex system, if disturbed, passes from one state of equilibrium to another. So, if a "regime" is torn down, one must ask what will come next: if one does not take particular care in choosing the next ruling class, one risks moving from the Tsar to Stalin. Not necessarily progress.

And it's not a "have a plan" problem. This would be stupid rhetoric. The problem is not having candidates to replace the current ruling class , but especially not having candidates to replace the Minneapolis police.

Be clear about this: fascism is like an infection. If you have to sterilize the whole house, you have to do it. If you save grandma's old sheets, because they have sentimental value, you find yourself back in no time.

Likewise, if you change the Minneapolis police chief, you didn't do anything. It is infected. You can only fire EVERY single agent and re-enroll them all over again, but here we have a problem: who are you enlisting? If the Minneapolis police are what they are, it is because local society tolerates and encourages these attitudes, and has been doing so for generations . So if you rebuild the police with other Minneapolis citizens, you're putting people with the political culture in Minneapolis that has allowed it to go on like this for at least 40 years.

And the infection returns.

Some say that "just put black citizens in it". Of course. Nothing says social peace like taking a (rightly) furious minority and giving them the same power as the executioners before.

So what do you do, take people from the National Guard reservists? No. This doesn't work either. Indeed, the culture of the American active reservist is even worse, but his training is poor. And nobody is as dangerous as a badly trained guy with a rifle in his hand.

Where do I want to go? I want to get to the fact that Minneapolis is the fruit of the American population. The American people want that. And he wants it in large numbers, and if not even Obama has managed to get his hands in the dark well of the local police, it means that there is an electoral block that wants them as they are .

In a nutshell: American Negroes are locked in a kind of cage with a white majority who want to see them killed by the police to "keep them in their place."

And this is the reason why even Obama has never managed to get his hands in the cauldron of the local police (with their extravagant contracts, that is, a crazy expense in the purchase of military equipment, military training, and other little things suitable for their work, but very suitable for those who do not fuck from the triassic).

But if this is the point, what is the solution? It is not said that there are solutions. The intersectionism with which American society is full does NOT allow any solution. According to the intersectional theory, a united, supportive society that recognizes the rights of minorities cannot exist, because it will always be possible to take any subset (the blonde abstainers who wear purple on Tuesday) and show that they eat 24, An average of 6 grams of apple pie less than the others, so there is an ApplePie Gap .

Once the door to fracture is opened, then we move on to tension, and violence always comes from tension.

And since American intersectionism is deeply rooted, if not fundamental, in American culture, it is definitely possible, if not highly probable, that there are no solutions to the problem .

In fact, intersectionism has as a possible outlet a society continually in the grip of tensions and fractures, a society that has no chance of recomposing itself as a single society, and therefore is condemned to perpetual violence .

Those who are excited today to watch this revolt are not right: the united societies, after the revolutions, somehow come back together, and the violent event is a disturbance of the status quo.

But in a society now imbued with intersectional logic, the violent event is the normality of a society in eternal tension. There is no way out.

So there will be no revolution: there will be yet another peak of violence in American society. Then they will calm down. Minneapolis police are going to kill someone else. Violence will return.

Etc. It's the damnation of any society infected by intersectionism.

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