The triggering strategy

Although Bannon has apparently left the political scene, there is still his signature on the tactic Trump is using in the election campaign. In the sense that Trump is bringing the strategy he used in social networks to the real world: triggering.

Triggering is the action of sending one's sycophants to provoke and exasperate the most extreme fringes of the opposing faction, in order to produce a reaction that public opinion considers excessive.

Towards the end of the 2016 meme war, in which I participated as a mercenary, at some point came the command to exasperate a certain Lena Dunham. It was about bombarding her accounts with a phrase: "no woman would want an abortion, you don't represent women for it".

The result took a while, but one day this one makes you an episode of his podcast, and …


The result arrived after the elections, so it was useless, but it was the result of a desired and sought-after exasperation. Which were subjected all the more 'fake leftists, from Michael Moore to Madonna, to the extreme fringes of universities like Berkeley.

Why is triggering a strategy? Not only because it ends up in the newspapers, but because it leads public opinion to associate the counterpart with its more extremist fringes.

And why does it work better with the left? Because on the left there is no discipline, so it is not possible for the boss to ask his people to resist provocations.

In general, that is, it is a question of provoking the counterpart in order to make its most extreme fringes lose their temper, which then provoke disgust in public opinion. In practice, in Western politics, from 1900 to today, there is an axiom:

when the radical left takes to the streets, the fascists rise to power.

(for skeptics: playing Rosa Luxemburg).

What Trump is doing now is to shift the strategy from the internet to the real country. And so now he justifies the kid who shot during the demonstrations. By American law he was not supposed to have that rifle, but that doesn't make his next action illegal: which the footage shows is defense against an attack.

He will probably only be charged with having an illegal rifle and traveling from one state to another with the rifle (he could say he found it on the spot), because according to American law he fired for defense. (it will be easy to demonstrate that the gun was set to "burst" and therefore the number of shots is not relevant).

But even if he is convicted, Trump could also give him the pardon, or let it be understood that he will give it to him. What will happen then? It will happen
that BLM will become even more devastating, burning other properties, perhaps in turn killing right-wing militants, as it did, and so on.

At that point, once we have as many riots as possible, anyone who brings the order back will be welcome . And if you think it doesn't work, well, history is here to contradict you:

the theorem is very simple: if the radical left takes to the streets, the fascists rise to power. And they come to power JUST BECAUSE the radical left takes to the streets.

It will be hard for you to find a rise to power of the fascists that is NOT preceded by the descent into the streets of some radical, revolutionary or at least violent left movement. The custom is so consolidated that one could consider the radical left as a tool that the fascists use to unhinge the government and carry out the coup d'etat.

And that is what is happening: Trump is exasperating the scene to ensure that more and more protests become violent, that more and more acts of property destruction end up on TV, until the precise moment when, amid applause, he will order the army to intervene to stop the riots.

The strategy is very simple, but being a known strategy, why should it work? Several reasons.

  1. the radical lefts do not learn from history. Never. They never realized they were a tool and will continue to reject the concept. They will lend themselves even now because they ALWAYS lend themselves.
  2. Trump will intervene to restore order with the army a few days before the elections. And then he will say that HE saved democracy, that is, the vote. And it's going to be hard to blame him. But with the streets full of soldiers, the ones who won't show up to vote, guess who they will be?

Trump's plan, which has a very clear "intellectual signature" (and it is Bannon's), will probably work. For several reasons.

  • Americans DO NOT study European history. They do NOT study history almost entirely. You can tell them anything about the twentieth century, and they will believe you. For them, socialism is a new ideology. I said everything.
  • the radical left, in the US or not, has never learned its lesson, does not read history, does not explain it, and is intellectually dead. It acts by conditioned reflex, and is therefore manipulable and predictable.

But especially, a peculiarly American factor weighs:

the Americans you can kill as many people as you want, and they don't care. But if you burn their property or make them lose MONEY, they no longer understand anything: you have crossed the line.

It is therefore entirely predictable that Trump is about to raise the tension to paroxysmal levels.

  1. he will justify, promise pardon, GIVE pardon if necessary, to any white extremist who kills or has killed blacks.
  2. He will justify, promise pardon, GIVE pardon if necessary, to any cop who killed blacks.
  3. he will insult (or his campaign will take care of it, state by state) more and more the most extreme exponents of the radical left, to make them take to the streets.
  4. the police will be ordered to intervene little, so as to allow fires, looting and devastation to occur. Then comes the unofficial order to let the dead man escape (black) and we start again from point 1, depending on the skin of the dead.

And this, I'm sorry, is still Bannon's mind.

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