Tin foil hat: let’s talk about it.

Tin foil hat: let's talk about it.

I see from the referers that the last 5G post attracted a number of conspiracy theorists here, so I decided to dedicate a post to them, which talks about their favorite headgear: the tinfoil hat.

This hat was born with the idea that by inserting the head in a faraday cage, it is possible to attenuate the terrible high frequency electromagnetic waves that would be used by aliens, by governments, by alien governments, to control people's minds.

Now there's a little trouble.

The word "high frequency".

Let me be clear, it is very true that a faraday cage does not allow the passage of electromagnetic radiation, but in the case of the tin foil hat the problem is that it is a HALF cage. And as if that were not enough, concave in shape.

Now, DEFINITELY a half faraday cage will be a decent protection for frequencies that have a wavelength much longer than the cap size. This is obvious. Also because these frequencies don't even see you, from their point of view you don't exist at all. Then they will pass smoothly, being stopped by your hat.

The problem starts when the frequencies go up. Because when the frequencies rise, and come from the direction of the concavity, we start to observe a very different effect.

Tin foil hat: let's talk about it.

Now, it's not like the faraday effect goes away. If the source is coming from BEHIND the dish, you still have all the attenuation you want. Which is valuable to avoid noise.

The problem comes with the waves coming in from the other side. Because you are pointing at a satellite, or because the waves are being reflected. Or because aliens send waves that are reflected from the ground, as happens at infrared frequencies, which happen to be those of a remote control. (thrill, terror, horror).

Tin foil hat: let's talk about it.

If aliens or alien governments or governments are sending these waves to reflect on the ground, and they are coming to you from below, what happens if you wear a tin foil hat is that you are concentrating the waves in the center of your skull.

Of course, if the waves are around 2.45 Ghz the percentage of brain water will greatly attenuate the propagation, much to the relief of these two gentlemen (the stereo deserved death because of the music that was playing), but judging by the average size yes he would say that starting at ~ 1.5 Ghz and up, your tinfoil hat will concentrate the waves coming from below on the center of your brain.

It is the same principle with which satellite antennas work: the signal is microscopic, but the dish concentrates it all on the real receiver.

And that's not what I say: you can easily measure it at home by following this experiment: https://web.archive.org/web/20100708230258/http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/

It is on archive org because obviously the aliens and governments have ordered MIT to delete the page, but in the end the truth always wins. A parable acts as a parable. Since the time of Archimedes.

But I want to go further, because I like you.

What's in the center of the skull? No, because if you just go and titillate your epiglottis, the most that can happen is that you vomit. And aliens, alien governments and governments certainly don't do all of this to make you throw up.

So what's in the focal point of your Tin Foil Hat? Eh …



rattarattattaplimplimplimlalala … ..

(suspense, in short)

But there is nothing but the brain reward system! Check out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reward_system

So in practice your Tin Foil Hat, when it arrives on frequencies from 1.2 Ghz to 1.4 Ghz, concentrates the waves in the center of your brain, right in the zone of drug addiction, in the place where pleasure (reward) or displeasure (punishment) is born. .

Basically, by stimulating your Reward System I could make you feel satisfied when you do (or think about) something, and make you feel dissatisfied if you do others. But I need you to wear a tinfoil hat to do that.

If I were an alien and I wanted to save on the emission power, (that the photon bill is high) I would only induce you to wear this tinfoil hat.

Where is your reptile now?

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