Trump’s tortellini

Trump's tortellini

As usual, the populist agenda of Italian newspapers prevents people from noticing important things: in this way, you are discussing chicken tortellini, while Trump has just raised duties even against the Italian economy, and in particular the agribusiness. But it is not the only news that goes unnoticed, under the enormous weight of the decision to cook chicken tortellini.

(Moreover, almost all the "differently rich" houses put a bit of everything in the tortellini instead of the ham, but this part of the "traditions" seems to be unpleasant to remember).

But let's get back to the bomb and let's start from the beginning.

First, as I wrote here: , the German government started spending money on renewable energy. In practice they are spending so as not to increase consumption, but to modify them (in an ecological direction). And since there is still a lot of margin in Germany, they can continue much longer:

Trump's tortellini
The transition was already underway: the difference is that the state now finances it.

The goal is to reduce the consumption of lignite and "hard coal", a process already underway:

Trump's tortellini
Renewables have soared high in the generation chart in Terawatts

And the current composition is about this:

Trump's tortellini
And this is easier to visualize.

As you can see, they still have a lot of room to invest, so I don't really see how it will be possible to have an "increase in public spending" in the direction of consumption, when they can simply increase public spending in the "green" direction, and when they do so no one in the EU can raise the voice, "because of Greta".

The first news that went almost unnoticed by the populist media is that the first rather robust German public expenditure operation will not increase the European GDP by almost nothing: it is a matter of financing an internal transformation.

The hopes that Germany would have "invested to revive European GDP, therefore, will be frustrated. As the government has already reiterated, "the situation does not seem serious enough to implement expansionary measures".

The second news that the Italian press has not given is that Donald Amico Sincero Trump has just signed for duties against Italian food. The ax of US duties fell on Made in Italy, affecting liqueurs and cured meats, on which the 25% duty will be applied. And also Asiago, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Gorgonzola, Mozzarella and other dairy products.

Obviously, all this goes almost unnoticed: even if the sovereign press (including the Republic, LaStampa, Corriere) do not want to say that the oncoming crisis is due to the disaster that Trump has made to world trade, now they are silenced on these duties, saying they were "minor than in other European countries".

Which is a trivial lie: the duty against a European production in the industrial sector is easy to get around. The industry in fact is not tied to the territory, and it is enough to produce the same thing in a place outside Europe to get around it. The duties against the industries, that is, are easily compensated.

But Made in Italy food products can only be produced in Italy. The affected European industries are all delocalized, and they will have no problem taking a share of the production destined for the US market and moving it outside of Europe: since the duties were more than announced, it is probable that they have already provided for a long time .

What the Italian press is not telling you is that the Made in Italy food industry is MUCH more vulnerable, because it cannot move. Unlike European industrial productions, which seem more affected, but in the end can easily move outside the EU to evade duties.

And now let's go to the vexata quaestio of the "chicken tortellini".

First, "traditionally" tortellini is a "fat" dish, which in the tradition translates as "rich". This means one thing: that the ingredients, being highly sought after and expensive, were not available to everyone in the time that normally refers to "tradition".

For this reason, in Emilia Romagna ALWAYS proliferate recipes with alternative ingredients. And the chicken ALWAYS been there, it was simply in the homes of the less well off. The mixture was "drugged" in different ways in the sense that it was put into a mix of ham and chicken, or ham and less prized meat.

Or, there were all the alternative recipes for similar products that should NOT be made in broth, and here they range from cappellacci with pumpkin from Ferrara to ricotta, etc.

So, the fact that it was decided to serve a chicken tortellino is nothing never seen before: in reality it happened in the homes of all the less wealthy Emilians and Romagna. It means in almost all the hilly and mountainous part of the region, the Ferrara area and a good part of the Ravenna area.

However, there is one thing that made me think: that of all the bullshit that was said, "Rana" got in the way. A product that the Italians have known in an industrial version (unless you go in person to Modena) and I wouldn't have given it to my dog.

If you live outside of Emilia and your benchmark are the industrial frog tortellini you buy at the supermarket, I regret to say it, but the tortellino served in Piazza San Petronio will be MUCH BETTER than what you have "tasted" at Christmas in your home .

And here we enter the competence sector again: how many of you know how to make tortellini? I tried this thing, accomplices of the women of the house, and I can say that I can get something recognizable both as tortellini and as a Cappellaccio di Zucca (according to the recipe). But how many of those "patriots" who are tearing their clothes know how to cook tortellini?

Many shrug their shoulders thinking that yes, in the end "grandmother can do them", "mother can do them", "my wife can do them". I'm sorry, but in generational terms things are definitely not like that.

Your wife does not know how to do them, except for very rare exceptions, if by "your wife" we mean the latest generation of brides, we say "whose age begins for thirty".

If we go to the age that begins with the "quarant-", we are 97% of the women (because you patriotic men the tradition you want to eat it, but you don't know how to make you a pasta) that doesn't know how to make tortellini.

Ditto for the 50-. Of course, according to you it is a question of untapped carampane, (I cite the thought of the "average patriot" of today), but they remain women who were born in the 70s, or the early 80s. If 10% of them (in Emilia ROmagna: there is no hope outside) can cook tortellini, you are already lucky.

The 60-, having been born in the 60s, maybe they still know how to make them, but we're talking about 20-30%, since the rest has experienced two economic booms and was working, or in any case it has looked good since learn.

Let's face it: in a generation women able to make tortellini in broth will be extinct, and as for men … I never knew, not even in Emilia Romagna, another man capable of making them. Not because it's difficult, but because, let's say it, they have an old slave at home.

And then I ask you a question: but with what fucking courage do you hoist yourself for the tortellini with chicken, when have you swallowed all the life of the industrial shit bought at the supermarket?

When half of you, including brides, would not even know how to prepare THE BROTH for tortellini, AND YOU'RE ALWAYS TRANGUGATED WITH DICE, what fucking courage do you get out of indignation if there's no ham?

Trump's tortellini
Tortellini RANA! Hahaha!

And then I become malignant, and I suspect one thing:

All the scandal about tortellini with chicken is due to a very simple thing:

Trump's tortellini

A mere distraction operation.

Trump's tortellini
If you really have to distract yourself …

Trump's tortellini


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