Where are the CEOs?

The constant of this epidemic is that everyone hangs from Lagarde's lips. Di Conte. Trump's. Fed. Della Merkel. Macron Of the EU.

But until a few weeks ago there were other oracles. The gods were others. Those who had "the road to the future" before them were others. Those who were the gods of strategy

It was the CEOs. It was the Bill Gates, it was the Jeff Bezos, the Tim Cook. It was the Elon Musk. They were your supermen, remember? You loved them until yesterday …

Where are your gods now?

Ask the ministry technicians for predictions about the outbreak. To politicians. But why don't you ask them to Google? Are they no longer the leading experts in artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and all that has to do with data? No?

Why don't you ask Elon Musk for a vaccine? He is no longer the brilliant inventor, so you even wrote a film where you portrayed him as Iron Man? Where's Iron Man today? Why do you snub him, preferring boring doctors with a white coat to him?

And Zuckerberg? What's he doing? It is silent? Why don't you ask him for a strategy? Where's Tim Cook when you need it? Why don't they talk? Why aren't they in the newspapers?

Where are your gods now?

They are silent. Like stone statues. They don't listen to you, and they don't speak to you.

Like the Idols that are. Useless statues. That you have loved for decades.

But now a specter is approaching. So go to those you have despised and insulted for years. You have returned to scientists and doctors, technicians and governments. And now ask them for a solution. You are kneeling in front of them. Ask them for a vision of the future. Ask them for a strategy.

But have you really disowned the old idols? Do you really understand that it is just a pile of unnecessary, overrated balloons, or do you really think it's a coincidence? Will you come back to worship them when the epidemic ends?

You won't ask yourself “but where were they in their time of need? "

According to you, they were the most capable, intelligent, ingenious and creative people in the world. They were the ones who best of all knew how to make strategies and see the future.

You spat on "gray bureaucrats" and "state officials". You allowed these people and their companies to drag the state to court, as if companies and states were equal. You have allowed companies to process those to whom you entrust LIFE today. States and governments.

Where are your gods now?

Where are the supermen? Where are your idols?

Where are the CEOs? Your stone idols are silent.

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