Whites Nobody Wants To See, 2.

When I wrote the post about whites nobody wants to see , I didn't take into account the absurd way the post would be read, despite the fact that it is a post that shows little more than a few statistics. And this does nothing but make me understand one thing: the problem has not been understood. You don't want to see it.

So, do we want to see the problem? The problem is that after Biden there will probably be a dictator in power in Washington. Because the progression is visible, as I have already written.

Let's start by describing the progression I'm talking about, and then let's see how a similar progression is visible in the UK, and also in France.

We are at the end of the Reagan era. And a new president must be chosen. Bush (the father) and a certain Dukakis introduce themselves. Dukakis makes a crappy election campaign, but for the first time Bush's spin doctor finds one that works. He realizes that victory in the Southern states is crucial, and decides to play on "deep" America. That of Bo and Luke, whites who drive around in a car called “General Lee”, complete with a Confederate flag on the top. In short, those whites who see blacks as slaves.

The strategy works, even if for the current canons it is far too moderate, but it causes a sensation because it affects deep, religious America. Bush wins because his wife looks like Nonna Abelarda's grandmother, and this pleases the Catholics of the anti-sex patrols (they exist) and teases the poor white electorate. Obviously, given the times, he does it in a way that in the post-Trump leads us to call him "a gentleman".

But his spin doctor experimented with a strategy that we will remember for all the following years: he teased what we call "Deep America", the "belly of America", or "the whites that nobody wants to see", that is the white Trash, even if it touched the more religious part. This makes him a controversial leader, but not yet unpresentable or "extreme".

His presidency goes on briefly, because it ends with an economic crisis. And since he is forced to raise taxes when he promised not to (read my lips), the Republican party's "tea party" turns its back on him.

But the important thing is that in the second campaign (lost to Clinton), his new spin doctors push the concept of the first electoral campaign even further. Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson in fact based their electoral campaign on even more pressing issues, accusing Clinton of having "taken God out of the electoral campaign", and forging the campaign on ultrareligious issues. The strategy works on the right, but fortunately the country is bitten by an economic crisis, and Clinton drags with him the "center" of the country, moderate republicans who on the one hand do not like Bush's fundamentalism and on the other hand want economic recovery .

But the seed is sown, and it will sprout. And bad: now the republican party is joining more and more with the religious right of the American White Trash, the white suburbs and the poor whites.

Then comes Clinton, and lifts the economy. He invented a series of diabolical speculative loops for which those who have a house can use it to get credit on credit cards and in banks. This pushes up the price of houses, which become a source of income, and everyone wants a home loan, they buy other houses, which give them more credit, which becomes… subprime. We know the rest. But for a few years it lasts, and Clinton is re-elected because the stock exchanges swollen with subprime stocks explode. And as old people retire with stock exchange-based 401K packages, retirees also get rich. In short, a speculative boom.

But the problem is that all along the world is behaving as if there were no poor, violent and ignorant whites in the US. Masses of millions of people are IGNORED by politics, intellectuals, and journalism. NO ONE wants to see those whites. Mark it, because it's a pattern. We'll see why later.

Remember South America which was a "solved problem" during the Clinton period? Well, it wasn't a solved problem at all. During the Clinton period, poverty in some states and in some social groups becomes endemic. The Clinton model works for those who can participate in the speculative economy. But if you are very poor and do not have a job, the bank will not give you that mortgage you need to buy a house, which will then give you access to a credit card which will then increase the price of the houses, which will the overdraft on the credit card will increase. In short, not even in the world of grabbers you grab something. This has relegated more and more whites, especially in the 10-15 years preceding retirement, to poverty, and has done so mainly in rural areas, where houses do not easily increase in value. It's the South. It's rural America. It is the "solved problem" that is not solved at all.

Because from Texas comes a governor already "talked about" for his forcing and his "extreme" ideas: Bush "the son". He is famous for accusing some politicians of putting "homosexuals in positions of power", his Texas presidency suspects unconstitutionality on the curriculum, and his spin doctors have an idea.

The "theocons". People like Sarah Palin, who replaced religion with a Christian political agenda, to the point of defining themselves as "atheist Christians" in the most extreme forms. They existed before, and we would have noticed them if reporters weren't too busy proving that Clintonomic had solved EVERY poverty problem in the US.

But these are even more ignored than before, and they demand attention. So Burh "the son" is a little less presentable, because his henchmen start with ideas such as the ban on abortion, with Sarah Palin who in the name of her vagina capable of producing five children wants to remove all women from contraception and sex education, and many other things that made us shiver at the time (also because their Italian and European imitators were as creepy as the Americans).

The US government goes on for two more terms, wars are useless and bloody, September 11 keeps the president on his feet even more, moving the US towards a form of patriotism that is pushed into the most extreme nationalism.

In short, the monstrous pocket of white poverty begins to peep out in an even more evident way than before, and begins to "clear" concepts that will come back later. I say "ahead" because these pockets of poor are about to be thrown back into oblivion.

And you know what happened: as the republicans went more and more to the right (and this time the theocons were already borderline to the democratic system), they also alienated the center from the right side. Obama arrives and wins everything.

And since Obama wins and Obama is black, all the problems of poor white Americans disappear. The whole world keeps talking about Obama being cool because he is black, and the existence of huge pockets of poor whites are being forgotten again. We don't talk about it anymore. Whites who oppose Obama are cited only if they are rich, those who are with Obama are cited only if they are rich and intelligent, and therefore poor whites. poorly educated and ignorant, they all forget.

Are you starting to see the pattern? No? Well, white Americans do. Because not only are they ignored by the Obama government, but the economic transformation that Obama intends to bring to the US is only beneficial if you have been able to send your children to university to study computer science, or if you can enjoy the "green deal", which it occurs in large cities, but not in rural areas. And as if that weren't enough, the green deal is for the rich. If you live in a sheet metal “house” surrounded by waste, you don't know what to do with it.

Yes, the ones below are white.


white trash



These are the effects of the Obama presidency. None of them can benefit from the IT boom (they can't pay for education), none of them can benefit from the “green deal”. But NOBODY talks about it. Obama is great because he is black, and that's enough.

At the same time a terrible heroin problem exploded among whites: the "opioid crisis". Whites begin to die like flies, sometimes entire families.



In the slums of the white trash obviously "heroin mecca" are created, places where you can have heroin along with prostitution of various kinds. Here is the one from Cincinnati:


But the problem is that all along the world is behaving as if there were no poor, violent and ignorant whites in the US. Masses of millions of people are IGNORED by politics, intellectuals, and journalism. NO ONE wants to see those whites. Mark it, because it's a pattern. Let's see why NOW.

The reason is simple: the whole Clinton campaign showed nothing but complete INDIFFERENCE for these people. Issues such as gender equality were talked about to people who were starving. The problem of transsexual toilets was told to people who did NOT have a toilet in their house. There was talk of global warming to people who every winter, in their tin house, wondered if their child would wake up tomorrow or if he would be reduced to an icicle.

The only groups to help the whites were two: the millennial clerical groups, and the white fanatic groups. Who did not need to show them the theory of the genocide of whites, because the spectacle of some WHITE slums was already what we expect from a genocide. And as if that were not enough, Clinton did NOT show up even in some states, the most affected: as if to say, "for me you do not exist". He couldn't go talk to poor whites because it would have been like admitting that Obama's catastrophic economic policy had increased white poverty. And as if that weren't enough, spastics like Madonna or Michael Moore would go around saying "it's the end of the white male". Maybe some intellectual of my balls will tell me that he meant something else, but if you are a white male who does not know how to feed his son and you know that you will not last a year like this, the end of the white male seems to you. clear. Four more years like that, and you starved to death. Together with your son.

Trump arrives, and we know how it ends. Good. And now the Republican party is all perched on Trumpian positions, because the poverty of the whites is still ALL there. The wave of democracy that Biden dreamed of cannot happen precisely because these guys CANNOT change their minds: how can you change your mind about the fact that you and your family are literally freezing to death in a shack, while debating "safe spaces" in universities (which your children will not be able to see anyway) and black live matters, while your life is dying out in hunger and NO ONE cares about you?

This mix of despair and anger at being invisible brought Trump to power. But that's not all.

Because I already see political commentators talking about the end of Trumpism, the dissolution of Giuliani, and I already know that in a year they will talk about a "problem solved".

Another four years of rising white unemployment will add despair upon despair. And if you add to this the PERVICENT tendency of the "left" press to ignore the poor if they are white and male, anger will also increase. The belief that a systematic and organized extermination of whites is underway will increase. The idea of ​​having to defend yourself against a government for which the latest problem of politically correct waxing of transsexuals is more important than your life, your family, your children will increase.

You can do a search on "Appalachian" or "Appalachian Mountains". You will find photos like these:



Or you can search for kentucky:


Do you see those children? One day they will take up arms.

I don't know if he'll be the next president. Or the next one again. But the "enlightened" press will do the usual job: they will say that now that Biden is in power, everything is fine. That New York is reborn. Let Silicon Valley roar again. That the stock market took a leap high.

And everyone will go back to acting like those people don't exist. Their anger will grow. They will be indoctrinated and regimented.

The next American elections will be the last, at most the penultimate.

After that, all those beautiful white children that you see will grow up, they are many and ferocious, they will take up arms and take power. I believe more that it will be at the next elections, for one reason: Covid has accelerated ongoing trials.

But there is also a second reason: I have shown you a GROWING succession of radicalization of poor whites, starting in the late 1980s. I have shown you how their political theories have become more and more extreme, from simple "Baptists" to theocons, up to the Alt-Right. Now they have arrived at subversion, because they have questioned the outcome of democracy and the legitimacy of the voting process. In your opinion, what is the next step after declaring that the election results do not matter?

I told you: 2,4,6,8: what do you think will follow?

It is inevitable, and it is the fault of those who did NOT want to see poor whites.

Whoever ignores the present prepares a future of death.

Ignoring these poor people will make them more and more angry. The message of this electoral campaign was “the least of the problems of a vegan negro from New York comes before your survival in life. Of the starvation and hardship of your family and your child. Because you're white. "

This message was clear. It has NOTHING to do with the fact of the covid, or of Qanon. Of course, these people can't buy a paywalled newspaper so they just read Russia Today, of course. After all, many American telcos give FREE mobile traffic for Facebook, so it has become the only media they can afford. But that doesn't change anything: those millions of whites don't need Qanon to tell them about the genocide of whites, because these people SEE IT WITH THEIR EYES.

If the kid below won't get the gun, it's just because maybe the mother will. Or his new partner. But they'll take the shotgun. And they're going to get him because when they look for help, they're told that because they're not niggers then they don't count. A nigger's life is worth it. Not that of a white man.


In the next post: the White Trash in UK and France, or how we believe we have escaped the danger and instead we will pay dearly.

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