Yes, but what does the government do?

One of the most obvious differences, if we look at the Italian government, is the complete lack of action. Here it is necessary to understand well what is meant by "action".

If I tell someone to do something, without telling them how, I'm not "acting". I'm just decreeing, and someone else will act. For example, when I say "all citizens are at home" I am not "acting". I'm telling someone else to act. If I say "the citizens stay home and we will organize ourselves to bring food", then I am acting . In the sense that I am taking charge of the organization that derives from my decree.

If I say "hospitals have to make supplies of disinfectant", and I don't say who to buy it from and I don't even know if it exists, I'm "decreeing". If I order four or five chemical companies to produce it, and then I order hospitals to stock it up, then I am acting .

If I say "schools have to do e-learning" and I leave the problem of organizing and choosing platforms to schools, then I am decreeing . If I call Mr Microsoft, or Mr Google, and ask for an unlimited license for educational use of Teams / Scholar / whatever, then I have acted . Or, if I call Mr Amazon and ask him for a moodle tenant who climbs horizontally ad libitum, and then I say to the school "use this", then I acted . Otherwise I have only decreed .

So far, the difference between the Italian government and practically any other has decreed a lot, but acted … zero . His strategy seems to be to go to Europe and say act . Do the Eurobond. Do the EMS.

Yes, but what are you doing ?

So far, government mobilization has not been seen. Volunteers have been seen. There has been an extraordinary sacrifice (even of life) of heroic doctors who are getting killed in order to do their job. Thousands of doctors were seen responding to the request for volunteers. All things made by people.

Ok. But what has the government done?

What did you organize? Nothing. The health effort is borne by the regions. Nor is it thought to move the sick from the tortured areas to those which, still pardoned, could have some beds. And so some Italian patients will end up in Germany. But not in the least affected regions.

Stopping the ferries that bring the infected to Sicily seems a titanic undertaking for the government, which forces the mayors to extreme (and sometimes picturesque) solutions. Nothing, the government has decreed to stay home, has put sanctions on it, but stopping the ferries and leaving a Navy ship to bring those who actually need to get in and out seems too much for them. Too much action. They just decree .

The executive power seems non-existent: in fact there is the legislative one, the decree , and the police one, the sanction for who violates the decree . Who does things? Who rearranges themselves to do them?

Companies are said to " telecommute ". Beautiful. Has anyone talked to Tim, Vodafone, and everyone else, to increase the bandwidth to the maximum allowed on the lines? Has anyone asked them to lift the limits in Gigbyte on 4G? Where's the telecommunications minister? Nowhere: he decreed to use telework, that's enough. Cabbages of companies and telcos, how to behave. No action by the government.

In the meantime, the press seems to praise Conte as leader.

Strange idea of ​​leader: in all the rest of the planet, that is not a government. He is an urban policeman who tells motorists when to go and when not to. But make traffic flow, that doesn't.

That is delegated to people, by decree .

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