Some time ago I wrote that Zuckerberg was the real architect of the victory of the American Alt-Right in the 2016 elections. People said "maddai, silicon valley is so dddesinistraaaaa , let alone ". And they smiled.

Now that Facebook employees are on strike because Zuckerberg's pro-Trump political stance is increasingly clear, I wonder if these people still smile. Probably yes, because after all the extent of this is not clearly perceived.

Some time ago I wrote that Bannon is a deadly tactician, but a bad strategist. And that it was all but over, and that his tactic would have been to bring the US close to a civil war.

But first we need to understand what is meant by strategy and tactics.

So: a strategist does not invent a strategy. The strategist understands the strategy. But the strategy comes from the context and the conjuncture. If your country has Fulda Gap (an area from which wagons are easy to pass), the strategist must understand this and defend Fulda Gap. How to do it is tactical. But if Fulda Gap exists, it exists. It's not a strategist's decision .

If your enemy needs naval supplies, your strategy will be war by sea. But you didn't choose it : you can't decide if the enemy needs naval supplies. The strategy stems from the consideration of the facts and the current situation. The strategist does not choose a strategy. He sees it. It analyzes it.

On the contrary, tactics is that world in which you decide everything. When, how many and which means, where, etc. Then you have to defend the Fulda Gap, and decide how to do it.

So, Bannon is a tactician. If you tell him what the strategy is, he's kind of a genius at making it happen. But he cannot analyze the strategic conditions. If anyone tells him to bring the U.S. to the civil war, he will.

Moreover, I wrote that Bannon wanted to become the strategist of the most violent supremacists to sow chaos, and apparently there is chaos.

On the other hand, Bannon has been turned away from Trump. And here are two cases.

  1. Bannon was really against Trump and was on Trump's ass. One wonders what he lives for, with what money the world travels, etc.
  2. Bannon could not stay close to Trump. It means that he had many contacts with people that Trump wanted to associate with his name.

About who Trump does not want to associate with his personal name there is only to choose. But we can make assumptions.

  1. If it is the Russians who finance it, we will soon see "citizens on holiday" arriving similar to the green men of Krimea. Armed people, in uniform, but without signs.
  2. If it is the supremacists who finance and maintain it, before the elections they will have to go out on the field and do something pleasing to Trump, something very violent.
  3. If GAFA finances Bannon, then Bannon knows he must work to wipe out Ocasio Cortez. So we will see it under media attack, and heavy.

But if these are tactics, what is the GAFA strategy (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon)? What do they need, what do they fear? What is their Fulda Gap?


Electric energy.

The big datacenters. They drink energy in a monstrous way. The cost of energy and its taxation is the GAFA's Fulda Gap.

If you are Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, today you have only one strategy. "Energy must flow." But not just any energy. Renewables are not good because they are discontinuous.

GAFAs need energy with a strong guarantee of continuity. So they need energy whose sources today are considered "non-renewable". If by chance a government arrives that to push towards the "green" puts a tax on energy from non-renewable sources, in favor of renewable sources (which are too discontinuous), the GAFA are finished.

"GAFAs need energy from NON-renewable sources" is like saying "Our country needs to get supplies by sea": the first thing you will do is to build a fleet to defend marine routes .

In the same way, GAFAs must use their power to prevent a green policy that rates (the green tax) non-renewable sources in favor of discontinuous renewables.

This MUST be their strategy. It comes from their needs. They can't choose.

For this reason all the greats of silicon valley, silicon valley itself as an industrial complex, are with Trump. But it's not because Trump is Trump. It's because Trump doesn't sign global warming deals. It's because Trump gets out of the Paris agreement. It's because Trump is skeptical about climate change.

The GAFA will support ANY presidential candidate who has no intention of making an energy transition to renewable sources.

And they have to do it AT ANY COST.

Because the strategy comes from the facts, and the facts are that the GAFA are energy-intensive.

The rest is tactical.

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