But also calm down.

Project fear has apparently been defeated. The fear of the babau no longer works. And it was not at all obvious for those of my age: I have seen Italy tremble with fear for the evil communists and not vote freely, for decades. Not as much as my father or my grandparents, but decades nonetheless.

And I saw the systematic demonization of Silvio Berlusconi, when the hatred had reached the point that anyone could violate the basic guarantees of the constitution as long as it served against Berlusconi.

Seeing that the “least worst” trick, or the “useful vote” or the “hold your nose” no longer works (and it was time!) I thought it was worth it. Because it is an additional form of freedom, and because it forces some parties to have proposals and ideas that impact the population. Because, as much as you say, with millions of unemployed, a massacre of people in the workplace, an energy crisis and a recession on the way, I know so much that knowing that Klein is a lesbian is not exactly the answer that the population is. waited. (unless someone spreads his onlyfans).

Having said that, I know very well that the usual howler monkeys will shout at me “but Meloni is a fascist! Now we will invade Albania again and the King and the fucking songs will return! ”. (Let's face it: a nation that invents “black face” deserves all the war rapes that Italy has suffered. Twice).

And it's true: Meloni is a fascist. It's just that it's in the wrong century. A politician could also be a Charlemagne fan if he wanted to. And he would soon find that it doesn't work.

But the point is not so much that Meloni is a fascist (and she is), the problem is that her basis is, only that today fascism does not mean exactly what you think.

We can simply observe where we find the fascists and when, to understand what they are.

Does the government say to wear a covid mask? Thousands if not millions will disobey the government. What if we go and see who we find? We find ourselves fascists.

Does the government say you need to get vaccinated to stop a pandemic that has killed more than 140,000 people? Some thousands do not obey. And if we go to see them in the square, who will we find? Of the fascists.

The government decides to open the taxi market. So taxis, in spite of the fact that they are a public service and cannot be absent, block a ring road. It's forbidden by N laws, but they don't obey. If we go to find these fascists, who do we find? Of the fascists.

If someone hopes that fascism is all law and order, they are very wrong: the fascist voter is characterized by the fact that he doesn't give a damn about the laws, and that he is also proud of it.

The really absurd point of all this is that this happens in the very fields where they say they excel. Let's take patriotism for example.

With a war a few hundred kilometers from the country, and a Medvedev who repeats every day that all Europeans must be exterminated using atomic bombs, one would expect the patriots to be furiously in defense of the country, a heroic bulwark of young breasts in defense of the Country.

The Italian fascists are all on Putin's side.

When there was the migrant crisis, some countries (those of Visegrad) refused any kind of help in welcoming migrants of Italian origin. A patriot is expected to tie it to his finger and consider them traitors. Result?

The Italian fascists are all on Orban's side.

What does what I'm saying mean? It means that the "fascist" has nothing fascist about it: the fascist militant is more of a disobedient anarchist than a patriot of law and order.

How Meloni can be a strong leader when she has a base that stubbornly refuses to obey any order from the government remains to be seen. Because not all those who voted "fascist" expect a group of disobedient anarchists from Meloni. Many (also listening to Crosetto) expect there to be a patriotic and very tense attitude towards law and order.

Who talks about "fascism" that came to power has realized that this fascist party is made up of a pile of arrogant, disobedient, anarchists, undisciplined and unmanageable bimbiminkia?

The truth is that Italian electoral politics works like this:

  1. Electoral campaign: parties of ultras with fool at the mouth insult each other in every way.
  2. Post-elections: parties of ultras with fool at the mouth realize that Italy is in a comatose state with an ECB drip in one arm and one from Brussels in the other.
  3. Post-government: "oops, what the fuck did we vote?". We realize that that circus cannot govern the country, we do the usual XYZ government with a "technician" (that is, one who knows how to make two and two), and we go like this until the end of the legislature.

Phase 3 arrives within a year. So don't worry so much. You still have to prepare to whimper about the mess, the government not elected by the people, and all the paraphernalia of the case.

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