Many are selling the idea that the era of clashing ideologies is over, while actually looking closely we can see two ideologies colliding, and luckily sheer demographics are allowing one to overturn the other.

Let's look at it on the historical side. Throughout the Cold War period, industrialists and wealthy people supported the West with all the platform that it entailed. Human rights, rule of law, labor rights, environment, etc.

This was because they knew that the alternative, ie communism, implied their physical elimination. Argument that can lead even the most fervent capitalists to take a political position based (even if apparently) on lofty ideals.

Furthermore, the communist society clearly appeared for what it was, that is, a society of starving people who sold themselves for pantyhose, and therefore the rich felt disgust for such a thing.

The problem with the 1990s, with China's rise, is that China offered a communist platform that doesn't kill the rich. And that she's rich.

Consequently, throughout the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s an ideology of the rich was strengthened and strengthened, according to which wealth exists even with the most brutal regimes, and if there is money, fuck the rights human rights, rule of law, labor rights, environment, etc.

The "money above everything" ideology dominated those years, and for almost twenty years the West hypocritically tolerated anything from non-democratic countries, as long as they let the rich do business in their countries.

On the other hand, they convinced rich public opinion that human rights, the rule of law, workers' rights, the environment, etc. were obstacles to growth: they told us that China was growing not because it started from scratch (similar rates of we also had growth after the war, to rebuild the country) but because "there, if you're rich and want to work, they'll leave you alone".

And never mind if thousands of slaves die of fatigue.

An ideology of "money first", or "money before of humans", has therefore been created, which essentially says "who cares if someone grates babies, the important thing is to make a lot of shit".

The problem is coming now, for several reasons. The first reason is that these countries, which have strengthened thanks to those "sghei", now no longer let our rich do "sghei". If German Östpolitik was good when German industries made money from gas, it is now faltering because Russia no longer allows making money from gas. If everyone was willing to tolerate millions of slaves and concentration camps in China, now that China keeps the money (and throws entrepreneurs in jail), now things are different.

On the one hand, that is, the idea that those regimes are good for getting rich in the short term is slowly growing among Western entrepreneurs (at least in some), but then it pays very badly.

This ideology is slowly weakening. Moreover, since wealth is concentrated in a few hands, the population no longer automatically takes the side of the rich, with which it identified some time ago, but begins to become aware of being more "in the area of ​​the poor". And the return of inflation changes things a lot.

If you live decently you can describe yourself as the Italians did, who were "well-off" as soon as they could afford low-cost holidays, and felt "middle class" as soon as they bought a new car.

Now that they struggle to pay the gas bill this identification is difficult, and they begin to say "working class". And if before the entrepreneur who said "I can't find workers" and people thought "what young launderers" was worth it, now many are wondering how to work at Briatore. A sign that they no longer identify with Briatore, but with his employees.

A clear example of all this is the history of the World Cup in Qatar. The decision to hold them in Qatar was taken when the "money before humans" ideology was still dominant, but the World Cup is being held at a time when this ideology is starting to lose ground.

The result is that if the assignment of rights was seen with the usual hypocrisy, today it is so embarrassing that the nations that do not participate (See Italy) are almost happy to be out, and among the European teams there is a strange epidemic of "underperformance" that leads them to leave the World Cup immediately, so as not to be associated with it. (It's a sin to think badly, Andreotti said, but one often takes it).

The same thing is happening to the cases of Elon Musk, who from an idol of the supeprogressive siliconvalley left has become a normal nineteenth-century steam master, and to many other cases in which those who make a lot of money are not acquitted as easily as they were just ten years ago .

After all, this cultural wave concerns a specific generation, which today is declining in old age. Among the progenitors there are people of the generation of Trump and Berlusconi, and among the latest products there are pathetic caricatures such as Santanche' or Briatore.

We can say that the era of the timosaurs (*) is starting to end.

The problem, however, is that there are still many timosaurs around, and they seem so blinded by the intoxication of the good old days that they fail to understand that their era is over. Thus they continue to repeat their tired rituals of adoration of the wallet, of genuflection to the turnover and the usual little prayer to the God Transfer, without realizing that not all problems are economic.

For example, they fought against the Citizenship Income by saying that workers didn't go to them for this, when the problem is that a worker from the south has no reason to emigrate to Milan when he can go abroad and earn more ', and be treated at least better than shit.

Soon they will realize that the problem is not the sghei and that there is something that people consider even more important, that in the religion of the timosaurs it is almost a blasphemy , but it is starting to become the new successful religion.

The Chinese failures will soon become known. The failure of not yet getting out of Covid because the massive vaccination campaigns existed only on propaganda, or because the Chinese vaccine simply doesn't work (like the Russian one). The real estate disaster and the precarious situation of the health system will soon be known. (I know, the best clinic in Beijing is scary. But it's the average values ​​that count), non-existent welfare, etc.

But in general, the timosaurs are on their way to ideological decline. They will soon realize that in general, it is better to side with the West than to turn the various confindustrias into a fifth column of the Chinese Communist Party, Russian fascism or Arab slave lords.

Still need a couple of failures. Just be patient.

(*) if you don't use words with a vague Greek hint, how do you screw the neighbor? Can you practice sodomy without cultural references to ancient greece? Without Athenian philosophers, would there have been anal as a porn genre? And the porn itself?

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