Mother’s orphans USA …

USA mom's orphans ...

I have just finished writing that NATO is going to die, and here someone is trying to show that I am telling the truth. Last post I explained how a European defense is necessary for everyone because NATO is disappearing, and here comes the confirmation from Biden. Earlier I explained that all US defense is based on a very sick procurement mechanism, and the confirmation comes from Biden.

So now that the US has pulled out of Afghanistan, their procurement system has to turn elsewhere if it is to grow further. And it MUST grow further, because, according to the famous political maxim, the cost of corruption can only increase. And as Europeans seem reluctant to spend more money on American weapons, the Anglosphere remains to be invaded.

This is the beginning of a trend that is destined to grow: anyone with existing supply contracts to countries in the Anglosphere (UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia) can also put their heart in peace. Nothing will be done.

After all, Biden confirms a trend that Trump had already anticipated, namely absolute disregard not only of international law, but of the law itself. Do the French have a supply contract? Who cares: we are the USA and we tear up contracts.

One wonders if by chance it still makes sense to negotiate or stipulate these contracts, because so far between "leaving the treaties" and "canceling other people's contracts", as well as "not giving a damn about the treaty with the EU", one would say that the countries of anglosphere have shown that any deal with them is just toilet paper.

So the case of the French submarines is only the beginning: the immense American military procurement system will try to swallow all the military spending of others, just to get the money flowing. I would not be surprised if, after the police, also the garbage disposal in the USA were equipped with military means. And the firefighters. And the nurses. And a nice aircraft carrier to the coast guard, how can you deny it? Tanks at the IRS, why not? Fighter-bombers at the Fed? Obvious.

In any case, it is better to put your heart in peace: if the US treats this country perhaps the most ass-licking country, the one who wanted to become the actor of US military interests in Europe, it is a sign that NATO is now a mummy. .

To know how the Europeans will react, we need to wait for the elections in Germany. But the problem with the German elections is that there are three challengers, so it all boils down to the question “who will Baerbock govern with?”. Because if Scholz is a lukewarm Atlanticist, Baerbock is definitely skeptical about American bases in Germany, and especially the nuclear ones they contain. And in order to send them away, it is willing to finance both a rearmament of Germany and that of Europe.

The question of the reaction, therefore, is postponed: but for a few weeks.

According to the polls, there are two possible coalitions: Verdi-SPD (SPD rejects any government project with Linke) and Verdi-CDU / CSU). The problem with these two coalitions is that neither is particularly Atlanticist or friendly to the anglosphere. The difference is that, in the case of SPD-Verdi, since Schröder is their man from ÖstPolitik, the choice is practically made, and it is not Atlantic. Perhaps Laschet, being a super-mercantilist, could still consider the markets of the Anglosphere important, but the Asian markets have been growing for years and are much more interesting.

IN neither case, since the coalition is centered on Baerbock, will Atlanticism be a fundamental factor.

Nobody can predict how the situation will evolve: for example, now the Australians will have to decide how to get out of the contract with the French, that is, if they want to pay the penalties or simply tear it up, like Trump.

One thing is certain: if Afghanistan and Biden's "America First" behavior had left you perplexed, if "America First" behavior had left you perplexed during the pandemic, if "America First" behavior had left you perplexed. be perplexed now… well, it is time you stopped being perplexed and embraced the truth: you are orphaned by Mama USA.

And of these orphans, even in newspapers all over Europe, I see many.

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