On singing the hatreds of Europe’s failure …

About singing the hatred of Europe's failure ...

Reading Scalfari's sermons on Repubblica is a painful sight. Actually, it is as if at a family meeting the grandmother began to do pole dance on the table singing with the diaper on the notes of Nino d'Angelo: all the relatives, out of compassion if not for love, would try to make her stop. In German, the sentiment to stop it is called Fremdscham, hence the verb Fremdschämen, "to feel ashamed to see someone else in an embarrassing situation"

All loved ones of Scalfari must be devoid of this feeling, since he is now more pathetic than his grandmother who does Pole Dance but nobody seems willing to stop him. Neither for love nor for compassion. Nor for Fremdscham.

If this feeling is not widespread, it is due to the fact that many of those who write about the Republic have lost all self-respect, but without the extenuating circumstances of senility.

One of the favorite sports of these guys is to discuss the "failure of Europe". Just something happens in the world, I know a civil war arrives in Zambia, and paf: it is a failure of Europe.

Does your wife betray you? It is a failure of Europe. Are you fat during the holidays? It is a failure of Europe. Is there a revolution in Sarkazzistan? Europe is absent. A group of bathers torn by sharks in Australia? Europe does not have a foreign policy.

In a sense, these poor people understand them. They spent the whole of the post-war years talking about capitalist failures, and capitalism is still there. Now that he shows his problems, since he failed communism and to make people forget the red book they disguised themselves as free traders, they talk about someone else's failure.

And here is the problem. That finding another catastrophic failure to report is not simple. It could be used, I know, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Then Turkey decides to invade Syria, and paf: it's a failure of Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo does not have enough weight in foreign policy.

No, it doesn't work.

And it's a problem, because if ILVA ends up in a joke and it's the fault of more or less political magistrates (Emiliano is an ex-magistrate), or of more or less competent governments, or of a bit outdated unions, you can't blame Juventus.

You can not write, and here I understand you dear Republic journalists, a title like "ILVA: Sampdoria, if you beat us a beat". And you cannot accuse Sampdoria of being deaf to the suffering of the Italian steel industry.

Instead, an article like "ILVA: Europe, if you hit it a beat" will appear punctually. For what reason Europe should worry about it after the Italian government went to say (through Conte's mouth) that the situation was under control , they only know it in the Republic, but the real problem is that if they don't write "Europe" they don't know who to blame anymore.

If a mess is happening in Libya, and Libya is in the midst of Italy's strategic strategic zone, the title is expected to be: "Libya: the failure of Italian foreign policy". But no: the article will say "Libya: the failure of European foreign policy". For what reason, a country that is 350 km from the Italian coast is a European responsibility rather than an Italian one, they know it only in the Republic.

It is certainly true that together with the Italians, to bomb Libya there were also English and French, BUT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT COCK OF 2011. Not to say, but Gaddafi died on October 20 of… 2011. Here we are close to 2020 In short, if Italy had wanted to do something it would have had more than one chance.

But no: since the French and the British have bombed nine years ago (together with the Italians) THEN it is now a resounding absence of European foreign policy.

Anything becomes a resounding failure of Europe. If Trump devastates world trade almost causing a world recession, it's not Trump's fault that he shit: no. It is Europe that is not strong enough to prevent it.

Said as it must be said, gentlemen of the Republic: to date the EU is the most organized group of states in the world. It has no terms of comparison. Neither for variety, nor for number, nor for economy.

But I repeat: in a sense I understand you. You are missing reference points. You can't blame Trump because he seems to be communists with Eskimo. And you know well that you are.

He ends up mistaking you for Salvini with the sweater. I mean for an expired Bertinotti. And that's it, you talked about the "glaring failures of the US" for decades, and you made it look pretty shitty. Looped. For decades.

Now what do you have left? You could blame the government, but you'll understand, stressing the failures of the Italian government is now white noise.

Juventus could still go, but outside of football it is very difficult to sell it. Passing the Libyan disaster over a midfield problem is not good. I understand that Scalfari now writes such things:

About singing the hatred of Europe's failure ...
And we want to put Carlo Magno in the affairs of Beppe Grillo?

but to define General Haftar as a Juventus midfielder is really difficult. Also for those who care with alternative medicine:

About singing the hatred of Europe's failure ...
After homeopathy, we don't miss anything.

So I understand you a little bit. Without Juventus, except that Cristiano Ronaldo could be the cause of Brexit (and not wanting to say the truth about how provincial and ignorant the English people are), what remains?

About singing the hatred of Europe's failure ...

No, not this one. Although, unquestionably, Jupiter's satellite has a weak foreign policy.

The other one:

About singing the hatred of Europe's failure ...
The young lady who falls in love with Tori and Cigni.

No, not even this. Even if his zoophile habits could be discussed. Think, Eugenio, that you could say that Europe lacks a clear position on love between women and animals of various kinds. We can always treat it with Voltaire, can't we?

Anyway, no, I said that Cristiano Ronaldo was also absent from Juventus, the only other thing to blame is this:

About singing the hatred of Europe's failure ...

That is practically the equivalent of the good old "system". Once it was enough to blame the "System". You said it was the fault of the "System" or the "Culture", when not the "Mentality", and everything passed.

He passed because they are very simple defendants, even for the most incompetent of the accusers: they never defend themselves. Since they have no defense lawyer, "the system", the "mentality", even the "society" itself are not difficult defendants. You can accuse them of anything.

But to accuse the club of the birth of ISIS or the revolution in Sarcazzistan is even less credible than to accuse Juventus. And then to blame the society and mentality and the system seem to be fucking teenagers of the 80s.

Moreover, the EU has much more to do than respond to the accusations of the Prostate Journalist on duty. So it's a very convenient defendant.

I mean, for the failure of the Banca Popolare di Bari you could even accuse d'Alema, but he has a lot of lawyers and he would make you pay dearly. To say that it is the fault of Juventus or Cristiano Ronaldo does not work very well. If you say that it is the fault of the Sacra Corona Unita they shoot you, and the journalists of the Republic are not famous for courage. It could also be the fault of the magistrates (whom the evil ones claim to be Masons of Palazzo Vitelleschi) who attacked Renzi so much on Banca Etruria that they were allergic to anything to do with a bank. But the next day you would have a guarantee notice for killing Christ.

So here you are: it's clearly Europe's fault.

It is a failure of Europe. Which is not ambitious enough to save an Apulian bank. That has lost its original values, when we know it well (Napoleon tells us, Scalfari writes that he often speaks to us) was born with the explicit purpose of saving a bank in Bari.

Or, you should realize that the Republic is embarrassing. You should realize that taking a climate conference where EVERYONE except Europe arrives without a green plan, ALL except Europe are opposed to reducing emissions, and to say that Europe is to blame for not having a green plan enough ambitious and ridiculous. It is ridiculous because Europe is the ONLY economically important entity to have a green plan . ALL others refuse to do anything about it. China, Russia, India, Brazil, USA, all.

And then to write that Europe is not ambitious enough in its plan is ridiculous: in the final analysis we emit 9% of the total CO2. Even if we reduced it to zero, it would remain a problem of, for example, 91% produced by others who refuse even to recognize the problem.

When you talk about the failure of Europe regarding the climate, referring to the UNIQUE plan in the world about it, you are not only ridiculous. You are also embarrassing and pathetic.

You are eighty-year-old grandmother who undresses at Christmas and starts to do pole dance on the table with the diaper, but strangely no one tries to take you somewhere and give you medicines to make you sleep, and avoid a horrible feeling of embarrassment.

About singing the hatred of Europe's failure ...
Hi, it's the Repubblica journalism that talks about Europe's failures. Let's Dance?

So, give Scalfari the medicines, and try to put the fetish grandmothers of Italian journalism to sleep.

They will all win.

If nothing else, in good taste.

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