Project Fear struggles.

Project Fear struggles.

Realizing that a constant dose of anxiety, anguish and fear are released on the Western population because they accept the worst filth is one of the things that make me see everything I read in the Italian newspapers from afar. And I say this because I have seen, since Brexit, one thing: the wall of fear is cracking.

Now, I'm not interested in discussing Brexit, the British economic and social data are there for all to see.

But the important thing is that despite the effort it took to terrorize the population, and in the case of Brexit with good reason, in the end the fear did not prove USEFUL.

I then noticed how Macron won the presidential elections in France, but then the parliamentarians voted for those parties that "if they win it's the Apocalypse !!!!!".

This has a fundamental value, because it means that the tool-fear works less and less. This is a change we are seeing. Is it a legacy of Covid? Perhaps. I do not know.

But when someone in Italy, before the elections, says "no, I don't eat your spoonful of shit and I'm not in an unwatchable coalition, even if the Apocalypse will hit us all with Sandra Milo's porn and a shower of red frogs" , that's a big crack in Project Fear.

Look at the reactions: "he handed over the country to the right", "we will lose because of him", "he gave the victory to Meloni", "Putin is uncorking sparkling wine". Damn. Basically the world will end. This is Project Fear.

I repeat, if I wanted to talk about politics I could count the times that Lega, Salvini, Meloni, Fora Italia have been in government and issue a reassuring message, but this is not the point. The point is that Project Fear is slowly ceasing to work.

We have reached the saturation point. And slowly, the cracks are seen everywhere.

How long has the entire West lived in fear? How long has nothing been discussed for fear that everything will collapse? How long has there been a Great Danger that never manifests itself, and all who without discussing anything vote for the "least worst"?

I'm not a big fan of Calenda as a politician. I think he's a man of the 80s, and from my generation he inherited that rejection of cowardice that sets us apart. “Is the world falling? Good. I never liked the wallpaper. "

I'm reading, out of curiosity, what happens on social networks. Project Fear seems to have gone mad. In a while they will accuse Calenda of everything from the collapse of the Roman Empire to the topless of Alda d'Eusanio.

And that's what makes me like him. Because now, according to Project Fear, the fascists who destroy Europe will come to power and then Putin will win and we will all lose all our rights and democracy will end. To the underworld preci piterai! Because, if the wonders that were in your midst had occurred in Sodom, today it would still exist! Well, I tell you: on the day of judgment, the land of Sodom will be treated less harshly than you! All calamities will happen one after the other; all nations and all places will suffer calamities: epidemics, famines, floods, droughts and earthquakes are everywhere. These calamities will not happen in just one or two places, nor will they end in a day or two, but they will spread over an ever larger area, and the calamities will become more and more severe. During this period all sorts of insect infestations will emerge in succession, and cannibalism will occur in all places.

I have added some passages of biblical bad luck, just to make it clear where this Italian predisposition to swallow excessive doses of Project Fear comes from: but this only adds weight to this great news: fear no longer works.

I hope it's not a flash in the pan. But when I see fewer and fewer people wearing masks, when I see people who don't accept any job and rather stay at home, I see a wall of fear that cracks. When I see Salvini going to Lampedusa and talking to himself, Project Fear cracks.

Project Fear is starting to break down.

And my eyes are seeing a great day.

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