February 28, 2024

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Scholz, the SPD and the stinking dead.

When, after the SPD victory, I wrote that they had won some shitty thirty-two, and that they had won only because it was impossible for the CDU / CSU to find someone who did not disfigure in comparison with Merkel, many commented that I was a fascist. , Nazi, lalalala.

Let us be clear: both Scholz and SPD are walking dead. The inquiries against them, albeit slowly, are advancing. And they have been implicated in ALL of the dirty things in Germany for the past decade. EVERY scandal had someone from SPD behind it.

The SPD is behind Deutsche Bank and Kommerzbank, the two big sick people of the local banking system that – no accident – Angela Merkel has always refused to help. There was an SPD minister behind the wirecard scandal, and his role was to turn away. And with the recent changes, there are several cities and bundeslands where the Finanzamt is investigating them.

The newspapers know this very well, so much so that the big groups keep away from them, and you notice the nervousness: you know that their end is coming. After all, if you notice it, the leader of FDP speaks to the EU, not Scholz himself. In a nutshell: the dead already stinks.

It is bad to say, in the electoral campaign, that SPD (which until yesterday was celebrated as a party from which all the Italian intelligentsia should take an example) is the most corrupt and rotten party, devoid of ideas and ideals, and composed of worst humanity, that the panorama offers. But it is like this: it is a party of businessmen specialized in depleting the state coffers and in doing business with the most unscrupulous characters.

Honestly, after seeing the video of Rome, I suspect that the Italian PD is not in better shape. Except that peace with the magistrates still lasts.

When it is said that Scholz is losing support, it means precisely this: in the last elections he unleashed Russian immigrants and other "friends" to go and vote, but SPD had already been losing votes for decades. In reality he is losing them again, in the sense that things are returning to the way they used to be, after months of marching with his image of "Angela Merkel's friend".

Why does he behave like this, you ask, why doesn't he do things that would be obvious to do?

The problem of Scholz and his party is called Russia. You know well that Russia works with bribes, that is, with bribes. And those who work with Russia must give and receive. And if you get into the loop, obviously the Russian secret service will photograph you both while making them and while receiving them.

Basically, Putin holds SPD by the balls. Because he has practically a dossier on all the men who have done business in Russia in the future. And they are all, or almost all, of the SPD, because the party has also taken care to eliminate the competition. That's all.

(this is probably also valid for those Italian politicians who have done and promoted business with Russia, from the Northern League to other similar ones: Russian gas was also arriving in Italy, so bribes flew).

With such a party it is therefore not capable of taking positions. The base is anti-American and anti-Atlantic, and as if that weren't enough, the hierarchies can be blackmailed.

Over all of this there is a political system where the only way to oust a government is to elect another, that is, there is distrust but only if it is constructive. Do not take away the confidence of the government because there is no vote of no confidence: the parliament votes the confidence to another government.

Since this is in fact a "I'll kick you", when it happened the chancellor resigned between the announcement of the vote and the vote itself. Since 1949, only two no-confidence motions have been proposed, of which only one has been successful: in 1982 when Helmut Kohl succeeded Helmut Schmidt in the Federal Chancellery.

Ah, yes, Schmidt was a Social Democrat. He was Willy Brandt's successor, deposed because one of his collaborators was a Russian spy, and was a fiery supporter of Ostpolitik. That is, trade with the Russians.

You begin to see the pattern, isn't it?

Anyway yes, the way in which Germany gets rid of the socialists when they stink is constructive distrust. It could be said that it is the way to replace governments, but since it has only happened with the socialists, we can say that it is the way in which they get rid of socialist leaders. (One of the: the other is to break them down in their fiefdoms, as happened to Schröder when he lost the elections in NRW, one of the most populous states.)

But returning to the bomb, the point is that to get rid of Scholz, a constructive distrust is needed. But the governments that can support the parliament are not many. Numbers in hand, only a new GroKo could solve the problem, but SPD should enter it, and it makes no sense to ask for distrust because a party stinks … for the sole purpose of putting it back in power.

Question: but SPD could not clean up? A real internal revolution would be needed, but the problem is that, as also for PD in Italy, the most interesting person in that party is the plant that is in the concierge of their headquarters.

Dracena - Dracaena - apartment plants - Grow the Dracena plant

The greens would probably like it, but I'm not sure it would work that much in politics.

You may be wondering what Merkel would have done. But Merkel has always said how she thought of Ukraine after, after having built the Minsk I and II protocols, which were disregarded – let us remember – by the Ukraina.

Let's say he would have had several chances. The first would have been to say "no" to sanctions, and let Ukraine be taken: if the Angles wanted to intervene, they had to do it directly and not via proxy.

The other alternative was to threaten Putin to do what Scholz cannot do, that is to turn to Brussels and start a European energy system, uniting all grids including gas, and shifting the task of negotiating the supply contracts.

But Scholz speaks little with the EU and with Ursula, so he can't do that either.

Will the Germans get rid of Scholz? It all depends on the winter. The players are two: the population and the industry.

  • if industry suffers the most, Scholz and what remains of the SPD will be dissolved by the judiciary and the Finanzamt in a German Clean Hands. The plant in the porter's lodge will be saved.
  • if the industry will suffer little but ordinary people will be in crisis for the price of gas, then see you in the next elections. Again, I'm optimistic about the plant.
  • if, on the other hand, they both suffer, Baerbock herself will be cured of the plant, as leader of the Greens. Noblesse Oblige.

personally, I don't see Scholz making it through the winter, unless incredible surprises arrive. The consequences on the party of European socialists, I can not imagine them.

One thing, however, must be clear: this will not change the position of the population one iota, which is not drinking very much the fable of Zelensky the white knight, and which continues to practice its anti-Americanism. And in the next elections, obviously the parties will take this into account.

However it ends, however, keep this name in mind: Habeck.

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