The migrant emergency is back.

The migrant emergency is back.

What I'm about to say is going to be pretty unpopular, but when you hear blatant bullshit once, you think “okay, you tried. But I'm not a fool. ". When you hear it repeated twice, you say "ok, don't you understand that I'm not a fool?". But when they repeat it again 10,20,30 times, you get angry, because they are giving you the fool.

So, let's apply the anticazzate filter to everything that is said about the emergency of Libyan migrants, both from the right and from the left.

Let's start with the first boiata: the migrants are desperate because they ended up in slavery camps where they sell tortured, beaten, raped, enslaved, forced to cheer Juve, unless they pay huge ransoms requested from family members.

So, let's face it: if you tell me that the first year happened, as for example in the case of Syrian migrants, I believe you. Syrian migrants went into trouble, using only mobile GPS navigators (in practice, jamming the GPS / Glonass / Galileo would have been enough to stop the migration) and they had no idea what they would encounter on the way.

But when they began to find barbed wire and angry fascists along the way, they stopped immediately, or almost. Because of course the rumor is going around, and nobody wants to get into a hole full of people beating you up.

These Africans, on the other hand, continue to slip into Libyan concentration camps, after each prisoner made a phone call home begging for a ransom so as not to be killed. 800,000 of these phone calls, with attached photos of the tortured relative. It's certainly not a secret.

So, if you tell me that the first year they left and ended up in Libyan concentration camps, I can believe it. The second year, after tens of thousands of phone calls home to ask for the ransom "or they kill me, and they are already torturing me", it becomes much less credible. Very.

The third year, if someone slips into it, after paying a few thousand euros, it becomes suspicious. From the fourth on it is a beautiful and good fantasy. As if Africans were savages with a ring on their nose, and they didn't have televisions, telephones and all. Let's not say nonsense. It's not credible, period.

Either in Libya there are no such notorious concentration camps, or if there are some, they literally go and kidnap people to put them inside. Especially the women.

Second. Many of those migrants do NOT come from countries that have humanitarian or military emergencies, and from the amount they pay they are not even so poor:

The migrant emergency is back.

That is, it is a question of a beautiful and good economic migration, but not of a humanitarian emergency.

All the rhetoric of the humanitarian emergency is, as it must be said, a very easy lie to catch. End.

Let's go to the rhetoric of the right: is there an immigration emergency from Libya?


The roads of immigration on the sea are VERY limited by geometric problems. There aren't too many places they can leave with those boats. In fact, the departures are all concentrated on very short stretches of the coast.

  • if these gigantic slavery and torture camps really existed, it would be relatively simple to ask the UN for a military-type humanitarian mission, similar to the one in Somalia, to take control of the departure areas. In that case, an international mission would have already been made to take control of those ports of departure. For geographical reasons, they are quite concentrated. Italy, with European support, could easily get a similar thing from the UN.
The migrant emergency is back.
  • it is true that a naval blockade cannot be applied as Meloni says. It is true that migrants at sea need to be rescued. And it is true that under normal conditions the flow cannot be stopped. But similar things have been done in the past, and I know because I was on duty in the Navy at the time. What happened was that a blockade had been declared on the trafficking of arms and mercenaries to and from the former Yugoslavia, and in those conditions a military ship can intercept the traffic, demand that everyone have valid documents, search the ship and if only one on board has no valid documents, the ship goes back because it carries mercenaries for me . And in that case the "he's a castaway" excuse doesn't work. It was made in the 90s, so it's still feasible today. It also applies to NGOs. As weapons and mercenaries are leaving Libya, such a blockade is easy to declare and obtain.
  • There are plenty of political solutions, capable of giving Italy the right and also the duty to monitor the waters (the black flags of the map are from ISIS). For example, the black flags on the map are from ISIS: you could even bomb its Libyan bases, as a military / terrorist threat.

But if you notice, all the solutions require one thing: that Italy has a foreign policy, and that it has a foreign policy regarding the Mediterranean.

This is why I say that there is NO "migrant emergency". Migrants are a side effect of an Italian problem, namely the fact that Italian "diplomacy" is made up of a pile of "Lapo Tancredi Cialtrone di MammaScopa col Cousino", all strictly "noble", or incestuous parasites with the moral of a pig , and totally unable to organize a picnic without the help of Vatican diplomacy . The only thing they understand is that they have to sell Parma ham to the whole world, and therefore diplomacy means licking everyone's ass, as long as they are good customers.

And what does this mean?

It means that there is no "migrant emergency", but an emergency "Italy does not have a foreign policy, it has a low-cost whore diplomacy, and a foreign ministry that looks like the luminescent brothel of Chernobyl".

To this is added the uselessness of governments. You understand that a government is useless when it begins to shift the problem to Europe: it is as if this happens in your home:

  • Mom: Alice, tidy up your room and clean the windowsill.
  • Alice: but mom, this is an epochal job, The Family has to do it!
  • Mom: exactly. You are part of the family and that is YOUR room.
  • Alice: and what does it mean?
  • Mom: it means that "the family does it" means "you do it". Because you're part of the family and why that's your room.

Here, there is no one in Europe to tell Alice that Italy is part of the Europe from which she is asking for help, and the Libyan area is “her room”.

But I was saying, for the Italian government there are different opinions on the Mediterranean.

  • PD: the Mediterranean is what you see in the brochures of the tourist resorts. We don't know what's behind it, but it must be picturesque and folkloric. We hope that there are Italian chefs in the resort.
  • M5S: the Mediterranean is that stuff of Prof Finessi, that of Geography. God, cheppalle. But how elite you are, with this Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is something to be studied, professors who did not vote for anyone.
  • Lega: the Mediterranean is the place where I park the boat. The horizon must be a border, also because it looks almost like a line and I bought the boat license, imagine if I know what the fuck is after. There will be the baluba.
  • “Government of technicians”: the Mediterranean is that thing that we know to make, we sell a lot of things, so it must be a market of some kind. We have to smile to all our customers.

Moral of the story: Italy has NOT had a foreign policy for the Mediterranean for decades. To tell the truth, it has no foreign policy in general.

This TOTAL lack of foreign policy, of a true foreign ministry, of a non-ridiculous diplomacy, has the side effect that many economic migrants leave from a country from which it would be very easy to stop them, if only there was a foreign policy, a diplomacy, a minister capable of strategies.

No, there is no "migrant emergency". There is only a mediocrity government emergency, under the heading "foreign policy".

And if the journalists wanted to show it, it would be enough to ask the eukaryotic body that acts as the “minister” what Italian foreign policy is regarding Libya, and what the strategies are.

You will only get a rant that means nothing.

And since there is a whole plethora of officials in the foreign ministry who call themselves with the title of "Minister" in turn (don't ask me why), you will get the same thing from any "Minister" you ask.

There is no foreign policy, there is no strategy, there is no thought: the Italian foreign ministry is just the new, bright, luminous brothel in Chernobyl. The one where everything is fine, and the situation is under control. And the whores have that neon-colored lingerie, which is a lot of 80s German porn, which is very suitable for the Italian concept of “nobility”.

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