The party of ourselves comfortable.

The party of ourselves comfortable.

Behind what is believed a political crisis actually hides a now increasingly short cycle, which is the cycle of pigs comfortable. The cycle of pigs comfortable is the cycle that has characterized Italian politics over the last 40 years, and it works something like this.

A slice Italian electorate want to do one thing in life: their pigs comfortable at the expense of others, where “others” is often the state. This party vote for the leader who most sends the message “I protect the ones that you make ourselves comfortable at the expense of others.”

There are many ways to send this message, from Berlusconi to that specific Salvini: no Italian believes he can do the same style of Berlusconi’s life. An afternoon at the beach in Rimini, on the other hand is likely to his electorate.

In short, Salvini is now the leader of the “party of pigs comfortable” because better than others sent the “look how I do on ourselves comfortable I: of course I will defend you if you will do the same “.

Berlusconi, with Pascale makes his devoted girlfriend, now is no longer the “Lord of the pigs comfortable” that it was during the period of orgies.

That said, to understand the current crisis must clarify the cycle of pigs comfortable:

  • The party of pigs comfortable empties state coffers.
  • < li> Here comes the coach who propina the bill Italians, and slowly puts things in a better state. Now there is some waste of space.
  • The party of pigs comfortable accuses the coach of every wickedness and at that point back to power by exploiting the frustration of those who could not make ourselves comfortable for the government’s fault technician.
  • Return to start and repeat.

Now, you say, but this time the cycle did not last long. Sure. It takes less and less, because every cycle “technical” can never get things back to the previous level, so always Creno less comfortable. The result of the quasi-reversible squander time is precisely that each cycle reduces the “treasure” and then the government Sciala lasts less.

Why all this preamble? Why Salvini not want the crisis and does not want an election.

Salvini will do everything to Mattarella convince to put a technician in power to make financial.

it will do so with his usual method:

  • Threatening to leave Europe .
  • Threatening to behave even more worthless.
  • bragging (accomplices some newspapers) type of percentages 37%. (Which does not).
  • By preventing the drafting of the financial, used as a blackmail tool.

The aim is to push Mattarella to put in power a “technician” who the Europe accepts as a welcome and Salvini will be accused of “starving Italians”, in order to regain control of the party consent of ourselves comfortable.

Salvini not want the vote. For one thing, the vote at the Brexit would put Italy in a European turbulent market (l ‘Europe is already serving a no-deal provisions, as if it already happened), that hardly will buy Italian debt. He would be taking the reins at a time of empty coffers, and the difficulty of obtaining additional loans on the markets. It should also make the financial, which would bring him back to reality in the first months of government.

But Salvini, we know, is not a genius of the strategy. He knows how to attract to itself the votes of the party of ourselves comfortable, but nothing more. If you look at his past behavior, we find that the illusion to prevail over others simply through the official channels. But politics does not work that way and Rakete if not taught him anything.

Mattarella could fuck Salvini simply to cast a vote in January / February 2020. This would make long consultations. In this way, the current government would become a government of “business as usual” until then. And this “inchioderebbe” Salvini to the government in the darkest moment. Sure, Salvini government could accuse Tria both of ‘increase of’ tax that all automatic Clauses to propel itself in a short time, but in the end face would be his forever.

Salvini, that is, not he understood that “drop count” It not really removes Count from his chair. The Government remains in office with limited powers, waiting for a new government. And what does it take? He decides Mattarella.

How long has Mattarella? All he wants. In the sense that because Salvini can live only if it is constantly in the news, if it is nailed to the government because Mattarella not he makes another, the situation worsened as the “captain” it looks helpless. It will Salvini to give up: otherwise it will continue to be the most visible minister, the captain who does not do a chip while VAT rises and the country collapses.

The second point that Salvini does not take into account is that the new EU commission has only just begun. If there is not a government to propose candidates, the risk is to go thirsty. that will support the play.

Even in the EU things are not going well for Salvini. First of all because it is an unknown, according to the fact that the commission has yet to start. He would not have anyone to blame, and the formation of the commission will go slowly, because the idea is to wait for the Brexit to remove the British from the EU parliament.

So even from Europe ‘s point of view, things do not lend themselves to the game Salvini. Not even the malvagya Germany lends: Merkel last mandate and do not give anything to solve a crisis of Italian debt, let alone to do the statesman. The one on which you are focusing on is to leave a coalition “Avocado” (CDU / CSU / Verdi), can survive without the SPD and FDP no. The new package of laws “ecological” (Which actually protect the German market from ‘import of US products, with the excuse of ecology: in fact the conversion to coal will be “made in Germany”, that’s all) does nothing more than bring the green in power, and the ‘only other party with which the green can easily ally themselves is precisely that of Merkel.

The Merkel has neither time nor desire nor able to intervene in the matter, especially after experiencing the use of the BND (the secret service) against the Austrians and Italians sovranisti. Salvini is deluded if you think you have a campaign with no new recordings and new footage of him and his clique. It is under the illusion that if Putin failed to protect him from German spies, they can do the mobsters with whom he speaks. I find it pathetic that ridiculous, honestly. Anyway, the point is that the German government does not officially intervene in the matter, and will leave to the BND. Not at all German newspapers have not yet expressed (except Spiegel, which is expressed on everything without saying anything): actually know that the BND party intervene heavily in Italian elections, should also invoke the Mattarella.

But even on the ministry’s plan that commands Salvini is not very well put. He knows that the murderers of the policeman will get away, because the Swedish rapper convicted and will probably Trump is himself in the country. He can not tolerate it to happen twice. They’ll be back in the US and will be acquitted, as required by the established custom. Salvini knows who is going to disappoint his fans in law enforcement, and does not want that to happen while it is in power.

is very weak practice, because if the Mattarella towards the long, its 37% will remain on paper.

So you should do everything to push Mattarella to invoke elections. We therefore expect that the party of burps and farts give the best of himself.

And with Luca Morisi to direct the shit car, we will laugh.

The party of ourselves comfortable.

The only thing certain is that, given the state of Italian speakers, this is the last turning point of the party of ourselves comfortable.


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