The Phase Thue

Now that phase two of Italy is starting (here they do not call it phase two and it has been managed in a different way), it is possible to draw conclusions on "phase one". First of all it is necessary to understand from what perspective “phase one” developed, that is the lockdown.

To say that it was dictated by scientific and rational principles would be misleading: the number of companies left open in Lombardy clearly says that scientists have not been listened to. Some might argue that Lombardy should not be taken as a generic case, but if we consider the numbers, we find that the number of deaths makes it a representative case, all right.

Secondly, phase one cannot be framed even in a political context, since (for example) things were said to be "joined" without even clarifying what they are. Without the term causing a debate between the idea of ​​"joint" of party A and that of party B. Clearly, therefore, it was not even politics that shaped the provisions of "phase one". If it had been a political issue, you would have had the concept of PD and M5S lockdown to mediate between. But neither party had a position on runners, one on the definition of "necessary company", on which to divide and then mediate: a sign that politics had nothing to do with it. In the USA, for example, there is politics, because some believe that the lockdown goes against an enunciation (it is, politics) of freedom. And there it is: if they did not go down to the streets armed to the teeth, they could be discussed in political terms, what an exquisitely political topic which is freedom.

But if it wasn't politics and it wasn't science that shaped the concept, who shaped it then?

Catholic religion.

Because in Italy you have never done a "Lockdown", you have done a Penance , you have not done a "Quarantine", but a Lent . A fast that is effective and appreciated all the more increases the suffering and renunciation it requires.

Fining a guy sunbathing on a secluded beach has no scientific rationale. First of all because alone he has no chance of infecting anyone, and secondly because we know that the virus survives better indoors. It has no political rationale because it is the act of an individual.

But it makes sense in Catholic terms: he is breaking a penance that in order to be effective requires sacrifice, renunciation, asks for suffering, deprivation . Do you feel like someone who is suffering, someone who is sunbathing? Would it be acceptable to sunbathe on a Friday in Lent? No. Because penance means suffering because we give up something.

And penance, as such, is the holocaust, the sacrifice of some pleasure to a god (perpetually or at least easily) in anger, is symbolized by a long march in the desert, under the scorching sun, without a precise goal , with the thirst that overwhelms you, seen as a path of spiritual purification because of the sacrifice it requires. And wasn't this your lockdown ? Wasn't it the need to suffer, to deprive oneself, the guiding star that all politicians followed in issuing their prohibitions?

And then you could not even run alone, because in doing so you could be satisfied , you could reach a personal goal separate from the sacrifice of yourself, and your own satisfaction, to an angry God who sends a pestilence.

And the anger of those who denounced them is now understandable, it was a Catholic anger, "stop enjoying, FOOL, or our sacrifice to the jealous god will not be appreciated enough". And so you did not make the lockdown as effective as possible, but as painful as possible.

Gradually you have been forbidden to make any gesture bring relief, because if you have to walk on chickpeas, the chickpeas must be made of stone, let alone if the terrible God takes pity on your boiled chickpeas. Boiling chickpeas to reduce suffering? Never be: which furious God would take pity on this?

So everyone is scandalized by a couple who ENJOYS in a very isolated place, which does not cause any danger, if not that of indisposing a sadistic divinity who wants to hear only about sacrifice, renunciation, atonement, penance, and therefore suffering. You do not ejaculate on the crown of thorns of Christ, darling.

And the absurd and unscientific deprivations without political significance, which have been given to you, tell a long story: spouses who live together and sleep in the same bed, in the car they had to drive with one driving and one in the back seat. It is never known that in going somewhere (nearby) together they could feel relief, forgetting that there is penance, and in penance one suffers, gives up, even if it makes no sense to do it, or better even if the only sense is the sadistic pleasure of a sadistic, evil and vindictive God.

I read of a woman fined, in the places where I lived, because she had gone to a hill tens of km from each house, to sunbathe topless. Does it seem like a renunciation, an atonement, does it seem to you suffering? Which hateful and angry God would take pity on such a penance? Have you ever seen topless women on Holy Friday? Had he eaten fish, how do you use Friday to give up meat? Absolutely not: the fool was ruining the country's libidinal holocaust, and the Sadistic God would not find his satisfaction.

And to this Sadistic God who seems to have come out of the prayers of Doctor Mengele obviously had no problem if someone went to to work to struggle, because the job fatigue is the punishment he has inflicted on you, and never let anyone deprive you of fatigue, especially at risk of death , another essential ingredient of the cosmic orgasm of the Exterminating God.

Obviously forbidden places of pleasure such as restaurants and bars, and even a walk on the beach bore the obscene suspicion of lack of suffering , brought the fumus criminorum of pleasure, which was to be sacrificed entirely to the Jealous and Greedy God (never kept for sinful men!) during their divine punishment. Only at the cost of human lives (ie the lives of those who make home deliveries) was it allowed to order food at home.

And the sacrifice of a hundred doctors, guilty of opposing the wrath of God , guilty of having wanted to stop a scourge that comes from above, was judged the holocaust necessary to say to God "look, it's not that there is we have it with your Virus, which will be good and just (and save the planet !!) and it is a message from heaven, we want to give you martyrs ".

I don't want to rule on all soothsayers intellectuals e shamans politicians who hugged themselves to say that this virus was a signal , a message to a humanity too sinner consumerist e lustful polluter: every Catholic knew well that this virus was a message from their Assassin God, to a people who enjoyed too much for his sadistic tastes.

And then it is impossible to judge the Italian lockdown, because it was not a lockdown, it was a Penance, a Holocaust, a sacrifice, a period of suffering and atonement (hidden behind a presumption of scientific knowledge, which however was missing of experimental findings), wanted more than anything else by the Catholic who is in each of you.

In other countries we have not been forbidden to go out but to gather together, we have not been forbidden to enjoy but to do so in many, and any initiative aimed at alleviating suffering was welcome, while in Italy it would have been desired, if possible, even more suffering, even more renunciation, even more atonement, even more sacrifice.

And how much better you feel, how light your Catholic conscience feels today, today that you can say that you have suffered, atone for, the penance that God asked for your previous sins.

'Cause nobody, nobody expects the influence Spanish inquisition.

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