The scream of the meerkat terrifies Rome.

At one time, two human groups existed in Bologna. Those who read Unita '(and later also Repubblica), and those who read Il Resto del Carlino. The reader of Repubblica accused the reader of the Carlino of being provincial, since on the pug one could read valuable pieces on the championship of Poisoned Ball organized by the condominiums of Via Zanardi.

On the other hand, the reader of the Carlino accused the reader of Repubblica of being a homosexual satanist who makes sadomasochistic orgies with drug addicted university students who come to Bologna to prostitute themselves and sell drugs, under orders from the Mafia, the Antichrist and the PCUS. (more or less).

The fact remains that in some way the reader of the Republic was not wrong: the Carlino was (and is) a provincial newspaper: on national issues it had nothing to add to what we read in other newspapers (except delirious editorials written from Biffi's hemorrhoids, on how the discos of Rimini had given Emilia Romagna to Satan himself), and the reason why people read it was to know of a car accident they had glimpsed in Via Saffi, or on whom were the top five best students in high school. (which the Carlino took care of).

But over time a fact has occurred: globalization has enlarged the scale of events, and seen from the global side, the difference between Repubblica and Le Monde is irrelevant: they are two provincial newspapers, which use dialects the internet doesn't talk to each other very much.

Globalization has transformed ALL the big newspapers into the equivalent of the Resto del Carlino. Provincials, they have nothing to add but delusional editorials made to satisfy the tired libido of ladies with blue curlers.

Another phenomenon was deprofessionalization. To bring facts that add something to the discussion, journalists are needed. Bloggers are enough to write opinions. Why pay to read bloggers when the facts are the same and come from the agencies?

The problem is that printing as we know it (or we think we know it) was born around London, when the stock market was born. People are starting to need newspapers, because by knowing what is happening in the world they will be able to predict the prices of raw materials, and stock up on them as long as the price is low.

The trouble with all this is that the politicization of the newspapers began to bring “cooked” news, which was therefore useless. So they were born before the most fact-oriented newspapers, and when these too became politicized, then services were born that BY CONTRACT give businessmen the facts, only the facts, and their consequences on the markets: stuff like Bloomberg , in short. I am not referring to the articles you read on the internet at a few cents of paywall, I am talking about those subscriptions that require an encrypted connection with your company.

Bloomberg charges you $ 2 dollars / day for the regular subscription, but if you REALLY want straight facts you have to hunt $ 20,000 for a service called Bloomberg Terminal. It is clear that "we do not pass bullshit to the customer" is part of a contract that MUST be respected. Here is an example of the terminal: above are the forecasts, below the related news.

There are also other alternatives,

  • General news: FactSet.
  • Financial data and analytics: Refinitiv Eikon.
  • Live chat between CEO and Analysts: Symphony.
  • Data display: YCharts.
  • Market analysis: AlphaSense.

One is also “Free”, that is Koyfin.

Having said that, in short, the newspapers are left with only the "non-professional" reader. Who doesn't give a FUCK about the "facts". Those who want to know real things (what happened in Via Saffi today, which they say is Zollia's nephew who made the accident) want to know about gossip, while those who want the real data have chosen other channels.

So what does the newspaper reader want to know if they don't want the truth?

Daily newspapers are now part of the entertainment market. Pure show.

It might be enlightening to know that the German newscast is called Tagesschau, where Tages means newspaper, or of the day, while Schau is used as you say "Show".

It's nothing more than a fact-based show of the day. The events of the day become shows. The word can also mean exhibition, exhibition, or the visible part of something (for philologists, tired of being experts in virology).

That is, there is no "post-fact society", or "post-truth society". There is only a progressive emptying of the newspaper clientele: those who want facts turn to professionals and pay them, those who want gossip and entertainment turn to the press.

The real problem is that in any case modern man has to form opinions on how things are going "in general". And how does it do it? He does it as the man on the street did BEFORE they invented "printing" in London. That is, observe and listen.

These people don't need to read the inflation rate from a newspaper: they already know in a pragmatic way how prices are revalued, and they know how much inflation is weighing on their personal basket.

And you can rest assured that this will also be the fact that you can read if you pay a $ 20,000 subscription at the Bloomberg Terminal: only the “newspaper-shows” will tell you about 9%.

However, you will say that by doing so you notice inflation but you do not know why it is there. In short, the objection is that the man of 1410 could have noticed that the prices of stockfish had risen, but they could not have known that the Order of the Teutonic Knights had been defeated in the battle of Grünwald. Apart from the fact that not even you knew about the battle of Grünwald before I mentioned it (and yet it was one of the bloodiest of the late Middle Ages), and you would not be able to indicate the borders of the state of the Order of the Teutonic Knights, the problem is 'that you don't really need to understand it.

You are men of today, and let's say that you have "understood" that inflation is due to the war in Ukraine. All right. But you are equally in the situation of the man of the Middle Ages: many of you thought that Ukraina was a province of the empire of Badantia, which in turn was part of the cocksucker Hegemony. But apart from that, what exactly did you know about Ukraine? Did you really "get it"?

And now comes the show part: if I tell you about the war as I tell you about the divorce between Totti and his wife. In a show you are asked to "participate as a spectator", and the spectator participates by taking a stand for the good, against the bad.

The spectator is nothing more than a fan. So you are convinced that it is necessary to side with Zelensky rather than with Putin. I could tell about twenty facts about Zelensky, which would make you change your mind rather quickly: we would start with Zelensky who outlaws the opposition (not only the pro-Russian parties, even the communists, who had little to do with the pro-Russians), with Zelensky taking control of the judicial system by taking advantage of the war (Poland risked the infringement procedure for much less), with Zelensky having an Oligarch economy (just like in Russia), with ( / # 8665/0/0 ) Ukraine ranks 39 out of 49 countries on the continent for LGBT rights, up to the fact that the Minsk treaties have always been violated by Ukraine.

But you are axiomatically certain that you are dealing with a good and a bad, because objectively this is what a show does: there is a good, there is a bad, and viewers are asked to side with the good.

After all, only those who pay $ 20,000 to know the facts know who Zelensky is. And he knows who Putin is. The rest have to settle for Odessa's condominium poison ball championship.

And this is NOT a small thing: for example, you are warming up a lot for a few dozen migrants arriving from Africa, but you haven't lifted a finger for 100,000 migrants fleeing Ukraine. Even those Africans are fleeing from situations and wars, but the problem is that the press never did the African show there, while the Ukrainian show did there.

That said, we are in the summer, and since the spectator is more interested in going to the beach, rather than knowing if Biden will give artillery to Totti to fire on the latest variants of Covid that drive were trains chasing girls on the Riccione tracks . (maybe I'll talk about the disappearance of the structure from the newspapers another time)

In short, Italian families are on the beach doing heterologous fertilization, and they don't give a damn about why the stockfish has increased. So what?

No fear.

The scream of the meerkat terrifies Rome.

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