I believe that the history of Brexit has now exceeded the limits of the ridiculous, the pathetic, and the next frontier is what in Germany is called "fremdschämen": the feeling of induced shame, or embarrassment, that you feel when someone else makes a figure so pathetic as to be difficult to sustain as a spectator. In Italian perhaps it should be translated as a "painful spectacle", but I believe that here we are well beyond the limits of language.

Before going to the point, or "what the hell takes the English", we must understand what the price of this failure.

The EU is having the chance to test the management of a common political agenda for the first time. And I must say that they are doing quite well, indeed quite well, since so far there have been no cracks among the members of the union.

The agenda has changed, of course. We have moved from "showing the world that Brexit is a suicide for the nation and the economy" to "showing the world that Brexit is suicide for the political class that asks for it". Because let's face it: it is clear that, managed in this way, Brexit will consume any political class and propose to manage it. However you propose to do it.

The only way to get the winner, for a prime minister, is to come to power and block Article 50, or cancel the Brexit. Anyone else trying to make "The Brexit" will be burned by Brexit himself. The fact that Boris Johnson is literally risking his imprisonment (and he will finish it if he does not do the brexit, but without a no deal, but without the only possible deal, but without asking for a postponement, but asking for a postponement) clearly says how enthusiastically the next leader Tory will be the prime minister to manage it.

The EU pursues the objective of demonstrating that leaving the EU is above all a suicide for the political class that proposes it. And Nigel Farage was well aware of this, and to avoid the end of May and Johnson he resigned immediately after the referendum victory. The question remains whether the EU intends to punish ALL responsible politicians.

In this case, Brexit will be postponed and postponed again, so as to "bless" other politicians as well. I think the list includes:

  • Corbyn. His wavering and ambivalent attitude about Brexit, its ambiguity and its obvious hostility to the EU, renegotiated in order not to lose votes but still visible, candidates him as the next politician to be "punished".
  • Nigel Farage: it is not entirely impossible or unthinkable for him to be seen as prime minister. Once Johnson also consumed, hardly any Tory big shot will risk burning with Brexit. And a call to Farage would put him in a position where he could not refuse.

This is one of the hypotheses, in case the EU really pursues the agenda of hitting ALL policy makers. In that case they would show that, minimizing the economic impacts, it is possible to "teach a lesson" not so much by affecting the economy and the population of the "sovereign" nation, but punishing harshly its political class.

But let's go to England. What the hell's going on?

What happens is that the country is led by a ruling class that define "embarrassing" is little. Honestly it should not be a discovery: by carefully reading the most "scientific" biographies of British "great politicians" it turns out that in reality they were a catastrophic pile of idiots, and that it has been going on for at least a century. Not for nothing the British Empire holds the record of the empire that disintegrated in less time.

We must begin to think that the British ruling class is the most overrated ruling class in history, with the sole exception of the American one.

This is the pathetic spectacle we are observing. In particular:

  • The so-called "nobles" are siding with Brexit because they hope to participate in the great banquet of the complete privatization of the pension system and the English health system to American subjects. They actually sold the country's future to Wall Street sharks for money. Mussolini who flees to Switzerland disguised as a German soldier looks like Leonidas at Thermopylae. Defining "Badogliano masterpiece" that class of useless fake cocks from the badly dressed sluts is an insult to the well-known "Heroismo Badogliano". It is as if the King of Italy when he tried to escape the allies passing through Brindisi had put the words "End of season sales" on the august ass of the "Queen".
  • The so-called "royal family" is confirmed for what it is: a mass of horny pigs trained in good manners. If the acrobatics of "Princess Diana" on half-planet cocks had not been enough, Diana's children seem to be of the same race as their mother. One wonders when the British population will get tired of keeping these "royals" on a golden weight, but certainly the latest family events of Diana's children, complete with sexual tourism in Africa, do not bode well for the "after-Queen". We could sell Silvio Berlusconi as the next English sovereign, and they would have earned us morality.
  • The famous "British journalism". One of the culprits of this debacle is British journalism. It could be argued that an Australian billionaire now dominates the British landscape, and that this billionaire seems to have the same ethic as the most popular Hitler pedophile dingo , but it's not an excuse. Today's British journalism seems to be the worst on the planet , and if all the English newspapers tomorrow were to become "True Chronicle" it would be enormous progress. The BBC itself, which is hailed as "the top of journalistic professionalism" seems unable to go beyond the level I would define "Barbara d'Urso after a night of BDSM with Maurizio Costanzo". If he was the master, and the D'urso runs in full subdrop.
  • The British political class. Where to start? Corbyn is a kind of genetic experiment: the one that would be obtained by using D'Alema's sperm to make Bertinotti pregnant, aborting the fetus and transplanting him into Emilian's colon because you find an environment suitable for conception. I personally doubt that such an organism is human, because its political position is a form of quantum cowardice, that is a superposition of states, one more cowardly and opportunistic than the other. I suspect that the CERN experiments have something to do with the appearance of Corbyn. And the tories. Ok, May is what you get by freezing Rosy Bindi in liquid nitrogen, mixing it with Paola Binetti's sense of humor and the planning ability of a hedgehog crushed by cars on the highway. Johnson is the particle that had to appear as a matter of supersymmetry as soon as Corbyn was summoned in some black mass celebrated in the CERN tunnel: his stupidity is so absurd that it takes sedentions to explain his multidimensional ability to be an idiot. Johson is, alone, nine out of ten reasons for which you should not sacrifice Gelmini to Satan in the CERN tunnel while an experiment on superluminal neutrinos is about to take place. He is so idiotic that he would also come second in the contest for the most idiot. Archaeologists of the future will explain his election as mayor of London as a "mysterious religious cult", as they always do when they do not understand why a people behaves in an absurd way. A special mention to Jacob Rees-Mogg, a person so unpleasant as to make me remember with nostalgia Ostellato's mosquitoes in August. It is so obnoxious that his mother had mistaken the pregnancy for a venereal disease. Or maybe the opposite happened. He has the political ability to transform every political topic into that particular form of cholera that was fashionable in nineteenth-century English cemeteries, and when you hear about it you have the impression that someone has stuck a camera right in an old coffin of the period. And don't miss much. The fact that Rees-Mogg is elected shows how strong the traditional predilection of many Englishmen for fecal bacteria is.
  • The English parliament, and the "checks and balance" system. I think these are two of the most widespread urban legends in the world. I imagine that there are albino crocodiles coming out of the sewers of New York around the building, and that the receptionist has won the "Miss 33cl gastro teenager" contest, but the point is that this affair has highlighted the sessions of the parliament English, which are broadcast live worldwide. And the question that comes naturally is: "but there is intelligent life in that place"? Let's not mention the absurd rituals, which Piero Angela would describe as "the typical mating call of the Bitonto traffic police". We do not want to know how Bitonto's traffic police reproduce. I'm sure. But if you must, look at the sessions of the English parliament. It seems that the rules of logic and even those of reality do not apply: the discussions jump from one branch to another in a way I would call "Klingon in acid". The whole Brexit has been discussed without knowing exactly what the hell it is, what it implies, what the consequences are and what it is intended to do next. And no one has seen anything strange about it, since the purpose of those discussions seems to be to dribble a three-day dead pigeon just collected from the subway tracks. They can start a discussion on the effects Brexit has on fishing, and make it easier to talk to a guy who wants to let you know that English sheep this year have produced less wool than usual, but Brexit is reddish. The discussions are psychedelic to say the least: I don't want the Bundestag's sedative levels to be reached, where Prozac is needed just to stay awake, but the English parliament makes Pink Floyd look like characters who have never experienced a drug in their lives . Then it goes well, "check and balance" in a parliament that can be closed by the executive power and saved by the judiciary, while the Queen (who signs the closure) says she is annoyed because she did not expect the laws of her country forbid to close the parliament (sic!) , they say everything. This is not a "balance", it is simply an entropy level so high that nothing can change.
  • The Scottish independence party. The first thing that strikes is that all the parliamentarians seem to be cylindrical under the neck, or they want to tend to this shape, while the head is more oriented to a massive parallelepiped. But the problem is the catastrophic nonsense they represent: Salvini voted in Naples in comparison seems a masterpiece of logical consistency. We are talking about a party that wants national independence to remain in the EU. We repeat: {independence, national, stay, EU}. So: staying in the EU means giving up the money, having border control and having an autonomous foreign policy, and putting aside some of the legislative and regulatory sovereignty. And an "independent" party asks for independence … in order to lose it. And they seem unable to see any contradictions in all this.   In practice they want to be independent for the sole purpose of giving independence to the EU : it is as if we were rehabbing Braveheart and instead of the Scottish flag we put the effigy of Charlemagne on it. If you are not sure of the quality of Scottish spirits, go and listen to the statements of Scottish separatists: it's like "when Grappa meets Heroin" or something like that. The Sturgeon is a kind of masterpiece (cylindrical) of skill in promising its citizens that one day they will be independent, finally free to follow the laws that are made in Brussels. And he doesn't laugh as he says it, despite the alcoholic rate needed to put those words together. If you go out drinking with her, you are warned: that woman starts having problems around fifteen liters of Scotch. First, it's still "social drinking". They feel underrepresented in the London parliament, where they have about 7 times the number of MPs (in percentage) they would have in the EU one. In practice, all that is expected of alcohol abuse, but their health does not seem to be affected (apart from the cylindrical appearance).

Everything we have seen seems to tend to the same conclusion.

England is the most overrated country in the world.

The question is: "but how could we not have noticed it before"?


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