Why must fear flow? (Cit.)

Why does fear flow? (Cit.)

When I say that we live in a society based on fear, and that fear is an increasingly essential component, I receive a question: but why? Why poison the population with fear, to the point of making them dependent on a daily dose of fear?

The real problem is that modern society has entered a mode in which technological innovation begins to grow with an exponential law. Since technology is the main driver of the economy, and the economy is the main driver of social changes, the result is that in a period of enormous technological changes, the previous society is no longer sustainable.

Before the usual cazzari answer me that "there is no alternative", I would like to remind them that the changes do not wait for an alternative to arrive. It is not always and only a revolution, where someone destroys the system having in mind what system to put in its place.

The vast majority of systemic changes occur without the alternative being visible. Simply, the alternative comes soon after, since the old system no longer exists.

It was not possible to imagine any rags as an alternative to the Roman Empire before it collapsed. Yet he disappeared. There was no particular alternative to the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire: yet it disappeared. Once they disappear, since the world is not over, the alternative is simply what comes next. But it is not an alternative system: it is simply a NEXT system.

Having established that a system can disappear even without an idea or a project on what to do next, let's get to the point.

This financial system is not sustainable, but not in the ecological sense (also), it is not sustainable in the technological sense. It is obsolete. It means that people pay for a company that does things that are of no use. It is as if you were paying someone to write your letters: everyone now knows how to write a letter, you don't need it.

Take for example banks. Today they are mere IT service providers: an ATM is nothing more than a vending machine, and all the banks do is move data in a central database.

The problem here is the price: if you consider that an ATM transmits a few KB, and consider how many KB you transfer with your mobile phone, the price comparison makes no sense. You pay tens of euros per GB of data, which is definitely not the price that banks take to move the same amount of data. Likewise, if you buy storage from Amazon, or if you buy a database, or if you buy an Azure transactional system, the cost is monstrously lower.

Banks mainly sell IT services, but they are in the situation in which he would be a baker if he sold bread at 15,000 Euros per kilo.

But the real problem is that there is no particular need for banks: in the final analysis, central banks print money, which they then sell to banks, which then lend it to you. But in the end, given today's technologies, what would prevent you from borrowing money directly from the central bank? Technologically speaking, nothing.

As a result, banks today are like a guy who goes there to buy bread for 10,000 euros per kilo of bread, since the baker doesn't want to talk to you. Which is even worse.

But there are no more technological reasons why you cannot buy money directly from the ECB, asking them for a loan: you could do it via the web, and it wouldn't change much compared to a normal home banking system for companies. (mine allows me to apply for loans online, without showing up to be present, to say: why can't a central bank do it?).

By this I mean that the whole financial system has been beaten by technology. They sell IT services at a price that is completely out of the market, and they only survive because the legislature continues to protect them.

Let's go back to fear.

Now suppose someone is starting a political party that wants to eliminate these unnecessary vendors of bad IT services and get things done in a modern way. What would he be told?

He would be told, optionally:

  • Hush, fool! We are on the verge of a public debt crisis and you want to change everything?
  • Hush, fool! The economy is not growing, we are practically in recession and you want to change everything?
  • Hush, fool! We are on the verge of a flu epidemic that could kill us, and you want us to think about your banks?
  • Hush, fool! We are on the verge of extinction because of pollution and do you want us to think about banks?
  • Hush, fool! Fear Fear Fear, Fear Fear Fear, Fear Fear Fear, Fear Fear Fear, Fear Fear Fear, and you want to change things?

The reason why fear is needed is that it forces people to fear change. As they fear change, they will not touch anything.

The system is fragile. It could all collapse. We are one step away from disaster. It doesn't take much and we're done. Don't try to change something: everything must be saved, every little detail, because the system is so fragile that just a trifle is enough. Two gays kiss each other, and "the family is in danger".

Western society is churning out chemists and pharmacists at an impressive rate. At the same time, many drug patents expire. Why can't you get medicine from a shopkeeper who has a lab? Er … well …

  • SHUT UP, Crazy !!! We are on the verge of an epidemic and are you going to hit the pharma?

And at this level of interconnection, schooling and widespread knowledge, how long can we still keep women, 50% of the population, outside the economy?

  • Shut up, CRAZY! Can't you see that women die like flies? And you also want to go and look for it while staying out of the house?

You can have anything, any change in mind, but in the end as long as there is fear there will always be someone who yells at you to keep quiet, because we have water in your throat and if you touch the system everything will collapse.

And mind you, we are doing absurd things. We make gas pipelines because we want gas, which we then burn for energy. Why not produce energy at the source and transport energy instead of transporting gas? Um. Shut up. Already we are in trouble with Russia and the gas pipelines, and you too are stirring the waters !!!

They come out of the fucking walls.

We will all die.

Don't touch anything.

Don't change anything.

The system is already on the verge of collapse.

We just need you to change things.

The newspapers are not terrifying you at all. They buy news from agencies. They have websites. Why do the Repubblica and LaStampa websites exist when we can go to the Ansa, Reuters websites and read the same things BEFORE? Well … shut up, fool! Journalism and democracy are already in danger, and you want to hit the newspapers?

We are at the point where Uber has reported 3000 sexual assaults per year, of which 50% against drivers and as many against people, out of 1.3 BILLION races performed. It means that an Uber run is the best thing you can do, since sleeping with her husband, according to statistics on "femicide", is far more dangerous. If Italian men behaved like Uber drivers, the rate of sexual violence would drop a thousand times.


Why does fear flow? (Cit.)

However, instead of sleeping with an Uber driver, women persist in sleeping with their husbands believing themselves to be safer. Why do we keep talking about sexual harassment by Uber drivers? Why if we said that we have to move to a smarter mobility model than the taxi station and the licenses, then TACI STOLTO, DON'T YOU KNOW THAT THEY MENT YOURSELF?

This is the point: for whatever you want to change, there is always the babau waiting for you. The asteroid arrives. The Turks. Mongolian invasions. Economic crises. Epidemics, Uber Arrapati drivers. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Sandra Milo topless. Tsunami. Chernobyl.

And the locusts. (Cit.)

Don't forget the locusts.

NEVER forget the locusts.

But we know very well that this thing can delay changes, but cannot stop them. The international banking system, and no country is saved now, is a terminally ill patient. The financial system is attached to a giant drip from central banks, which continue to pump money: euthanasia of the current financial system will soon be discussed. We will close the bags for human mercy.

We know this stuff is going to end. Only the old ones use it.

And to keep it on its feet, to stop who would like to change things, to silence those who say there would be simpler systems, what you do is terrorize.

Don't think about how easy things could be if we wanted.

You could bring the sky down on our heads.

Fear is exactly the collar they are using to keep you in check.

And remember: NEVER forget the locusts. NEVER.

Source: https://keinpfusch.net/perche-la-paura-deve-fluire-cit/

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