And here is where dementia begins.

When a government falls, whatever is meant by this term, a period of chaos does not begin in Italy, but a period of dementia. It is the moment, in fact, in which all Italians become like fans of a derby, on the Saturday before the match. It is not possible to reason with them, because they simply no longer reason.

This perhaps prevents a terrible press from peddling several stories. But that's not the point.

The point is that for the next two, three, four months, depending on how long it takes to form a government, the country won't really be able to make decisions. They have little to dream about unlikely tricks to pass decrees, the point is simple. Take for example the Algerian gas agreements.

Italy cannot make government-government agreements because only Brussels makes agreements of this type. But what it can do is send a president to act as "sponsor" or "guarantor" to an agreement between ENI and the Algerian gas company.

Now, when Draghi, who acted as guarantor, is no more, the agreement is left without political sponsors. And this means that not even the Algerians will invest too much in it, since, in fact, they are dealing with an agreement that the counterparty might not respect, and in that case there would be no one left to call Rome.

There is no doubt about why ENI should sabotage such an agreement, but there is no doubt about the fact that in this case the sponsor has failed.

But the electoral process requires that Italians lose contact with reality and enter fan mode. That they can believe in surreal political programs. For example, Meloni says she intends to privatize the entire school system. Good. But they forget that it is a matter of changing contracts, positions and payments passed to 1,200,000 people, if not more. Honestly, an Italian politician who intends to go against such a mass of civil servants I have yet to see, and probably never will.

Another unattainable program is the naval blockade in front of Libya (it would be against the constitution because the naval blockade is an act of war), and other delusions that the future probable winners will NEVER be able to put up, if not because 'illegal, simply infeasible.

But in fact, it is precisely the dementia of the Italians during the electoral period that has allowed us to get this far. Try to go to the Italian twitter and you will notice it easily.

And this is where we come to the point. What government will there be next?

There will be the government produced by the dementia of people who, as soon as the electoral campaign starts, turn into party ultras, and stop thinking. If you asked the football ultra to vote, I don't know, who do you think would win the mayor of the city? Would sensible junctions emerge?

Honestly, the country's problem is not the electoral system. Of course, once upon a time when there was proportional it was easier to build small parties, and in a certain sense the polarization was less.

But today, the transformation of a large part of the electorate into an ultras curve with blood in their eyes, the problem is no longer the electoral system, but the system of voters.

Because the pattern is always the same: the elections are a mob of rabid people who hate and slaughter each other, accusing each other of the worst atrocities. Then, you vote and the results come out. During the analysis, everything turns into a kind of transfer market, with which governments are formed.

Once the government is done, the citizen returns to the newspaper and realizes he does not make it to the end of the month, and realizes that he has not elected a political class capable of governing. And at that point, having taken a shower of reality, he begins to ask for a "technical" government, which could have voted even earlier, and which would gladly vote when it is calm and lucid, only for the elections it is neither calm nor calm. 'shiny.

This cycle of dementia-return to reality is the reason why after the elections, when the citizen realizes that he has voted as an ultra of Avellino would have voted, and that he has elected the same people who would have elected an ultra ' of Atalanta (I'm trying to mix so as not to appear racist, football is all the same shit), is the leitmotif of Italian politics.

Italian politics, that is, consists in finding a belated formula to make a decent government after the first months of government of what appears to be a team elected by ultra-football addicts high on cocaine.

And I know very well that the words “no! it is THEY who are like that! WE are DIFFERENT! ". Well, if you think this, you too are slipping into pre-election dementia.

And soon you will slip badly, some will think that I am "a communist", others that I am "a fascist", some "anticlerical", and all that I have been told in the past.

But the reality is that YOU are about to turn into a mass of howler monkeys, devoid of any reasoning and social skills. Fortunately this time it will only last six months, and for many months you will also be on vacation.

But one monkey remains a monkey, and if you send forty million monkeys to vote, you'll get a monkey government.

Which then will become human again, and will spend time inventing "technical" governments, just to make up for the bullshit made.

Except some.

And they are not the ones who remain rational. Those have long since left the country.

They are the ones who remain monkeys all the time.

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