Because I don’t believe in the sex psycho.

Among the summer news that I read in the Italian newspapers, this thing of the sex psycho stands out that for thirty years would have abused hundreds of people, with a deeply rooted organization and impressive infiltrations everywhere. In short, the Specter del Pelo.

They are all bullshit.

To begin, I will draw on my personal experience as a court appraiser. The Italian trials are not like those seen on TV (which are American but not even in the USA they are like this), nor are they like those of Santi Licheri or Un giorno in questura.

The point is simple: both the magistrate and the judge (and the defender) studied only jurisprudence. Which is a good thing, if it were not that they don't understand a bit of anything about the subject of the process: in my case, since I was an expert in computer science things, they didn't understand a damn thing about computer science. But if it had been a case involving any other sector, any other setting, it would have been the same. These are people who live on Cicero's writings. This is not the case everywhere, there are countries where judges and prosecutors specialize and countries where there is a special body that makes the expert opinions of the courts. It is not Italy. In Italy it always happens that the defense calls an expert, the expert contradicts the police, and it is decided that consequently the police win.

The expert, then, initially lends himself to making expert reports for the defense in good faith, perhaps believing that he is doing something useful or important, but after some cause he understands that they are of no use. He faces often octogenarian humanist imbeciles who do not distinguish a goat from a destroyer, and therefore anything technical is beyond their understanding. So the defense experts are in short supply, but it is not bad: they are useless, so nothing changes. You could bring your grandmother, and nothing would change. But you would save money. Save money, bring your grandmother as a defense expert. It's the same. Unless it's a psychological report, which is normally believed because yes.

But if you don't look at the facts (which the judges wouldn't understand) and you blindly believe in the "expert reports" of the police (or the postal, LOL), what is a trial in Italy?

An Italian criminal case is primarily a literary work. The prosecution does nothing but write a defamatory novel in which he claims that in those days the accused had three dimensions exactly like the victim (suspicious coincidence !!!), and since he once betrayed his girlfriend and also badly, and not loves animals, then it must be Hitler's bad clone. And therefore it must be condemned.

Written the defamatory novel, to resemble American films (which are practically the only source of training for judges and magistrates, who otherwise should only count on Cicero in the original language with subtitles), they must put "proof". They don't know exactly what this "evidence" is, since they only heard about it from Inspector Derrick and read a treaty of law without figures.

Since the police regularly do pathetic work (especially on scientific issues), the evidence (which is lacking) should normally be "corroborated" or falsified .

There are a few very simple ways of inventing evidence:

  1. Use a witness, a super witness, or a megaton witness. The gigatestimoni are still working. Sooner or later they will use the cloud and have witnesses who climb horizontally.
  2. Using the expertise of a psychologist, psychiatrist, psychopump, psychoanalyst, anything that begins with "psycho" is considered good. Nobody like a humanist is willing to base a sentence on the opinion of a psycho-something.
  3. Move the facts back in time, so that the defense has no way of proposing its expert opinions (which in any case would not be listened to, but waste time) because there is nothing left of expertise.

This is the reason why I hear of a magistrate who has a super witness , who tells facts of thirty years ago , and says that the pressures were psychological ( or to be certified with a psycho / whatever expertise ) and I think only one thing: "The magistrate does not have a fucking thing in his hand".

This is the point. That magistrate does not have a proof rag in his hand, nor a clue . And that's why he uses the classic tools that are used in Italy to "corroborate" the evidence: the witness, the psychological expertise.

To this we must add all the mechanisms that occur in what I call "scopaioli groups" that are in Italy. In Italy, that is, there are many groups that are born for the sole purpose of making orgies. In addition to the usual swingers clubs, sexual masonry (such as the Thule and others), there are also newage groups, patareligious / magical groups, sports groups that go out in the field by various means (bicycles, race, motorcycle), entire sex gyms, dance clubs serve only that, clubs of various card games, etc.

But Italy has a problem. That if a boy fucks a sack he is a dragon, while if a woman fucks a sack he is a slut. And another problem is that families are all white couples (or almost all) after 10 years of marriage and / or two children. So most of the women involved are married or working, otherwise they would not have the autonomy (automotive and / or financial) to go to club meetings.

So what's going on? It happens that we are in the province, and fucks from here and fucks over there, in the long term it happens that the husband / father / manager of a woman discovers that she likes the nerve so much and has found a nice basket.

At this point there are problems for the woman: and from here begins the confession / conversion that will bring the husband horned to the necessary and most Catholic forgiveness.

It happens that the disgraced bride / daughter / employee, during the dispute with her husband / interview with the boss / dad's sclerata, to defend her reputation comes out and says

"But they drugged me / hypnotized / forced me, I didn't want to.
I was their slave. Buuhhhh. (Tear) "

Let's be clear: a lot of superstition is needed to believe that the Brazilian master of Zumba is such a sorcerer to know the secret techniques of Candomble ', Vudun and Applied Biochemistry, such as to transform a chick she did not want into the queen of interracial anal sex.

But the judges are very superstitious. And they believe it. Always.

And they always believe it because psychiatrists / psychoanalysts / psychopumps arrive to testify that "hypnosis works (and I sell it for 300 bags per session), compulsions are possible (and for only 500 bags I can free you), and a mixture of aphrodisiacs and psychoactive agents can transform Luisa into the Queen of the Anal Interracial (if you have problems with your wife come to me, and with 1000 bags we can…. ”.

Obviously these smoke-science specialists beginning with "psycho" are supporting the thesis of the Grand Master who hypnotizes you with his Occult Science, for the simple reason that they sell exactly the same Occult Science, only that they pass it off as science.

In reality, the lady liked the brains of the Brazilian, who being a dancer also had the physique, in short … we can also understand her. And without inventing a sect.

But no: being a Brazilian dancer, the accused malvagyo MUST know the Candomble ', the Vudun and must be in contact with the narcos from which he took the drug with which he drugged the victims. As if to say that all the Chinese are masters of Kung-Fu, and all the Italians are mafia, but with the Brazilians it works.

Made her confession with lots of tears obviously the bride is rehabilitated, and the husband horned he accompanies her, still in tears, to the first CC barracks.

And then the investigation begins against the sorcerer Vudun who hypnotized his prey, predating them inside Zumba's gym, and drugged them and then with Vudun and Candomble 'Yeriba transformed women into zombies and raped them.

The policeman on duty can not wait to start shaking hands: this story will end up in the newspapers for sure , and this means that he will receive a letter of commendation from the ministry, which he will hang on the wall together with an excerpt from the newspaper local.

The magistrate, often from the provinces, (often women, the public likes a lot the woman who fights against the Sect) sees the opportunity to pull out of the drawer that erotic story, fan fiction of Fifty Shades of Nerchia, who had written but publishing house had not accepted it. He changes the names of the protagonists, puts the zumba in, puts everything he says "the victim" into us, and so does his novel.

Now that he has the "Fumus Criminorum" he can order the extensive search process that serves to corroborate the evidence. The hunt starts and ends up in the newspapers.

The police will seize random telephones, gym mats, photographs of girls in bikinis, as many Brazilian objects haphazardly from the dancer's house, and poofs: whatever is Brazilian becomes "often used in Vudun" do you understand anything about Vudun?), in the records found at home you will find clear links with the culture of Candomble 'Yeruba, and you're done. And if this wretch met a Brazilian ransexual in some expat party, there is also the trans. And the newspapers sell.

Actually, the magistrate is holding a fucking nothing.

  • A dated testimony.
  • The expertise of a psychologist who will confirm all the signs of ass breaking psychological coercion.
  • The defense finds itself demonstrating facts from a year earlier, when the "victim" said yes to the dancer 's mighty nerve for the first time.

The dancer ends up in prison. Then, if he has the money, he appeals, and on appeal the sentence becomes paper. The state spends money, the cops receive the commendation, the magistrate ends up in the newspapers, and the husband horned saved the honor.

Then the lady goes on a therapeutic course (with the same expert who certified her absolute slavery by working for the prosecution), returns unharmed, the husband is happy, she has kept her source of income family.

And after a year he enrolled in a Yoga course. And you know what these Indian holy men can do … up kundalini, down kundalini, and place it in the Q.

This is the story that almost always happens under the heading "hunters of sects", when you hear that the victims were subjugated, hypnotized or drugged, or when you hear that there is a super witness, or that the facts date back to thirty ' years ago.

Actually, there are dangerous groups, but the police are careful not to find them before they kill someone. If the accusation is only rape and there is no demonstrable violence, then what you are facing is a simple case of a cuckold husband and a "confess" bride.

That's all.

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