FaceApp, or the new Cambridge Analytica

FaceApp, or the new Cambridge Analytica

I decided to take the opportunity now to show as a thoroughly leccaculo printing apparatus can divert attention from the fact, to bring all of a narrative, and not too smart. I refer to an application that is making news these days, FaceApp.

The application will know it all, is an application of convolutional networks that allows you to do what they do and deepfake fakenude, that apply a pattern learned earlier to a face or an entire human body.

This is artificial imagination : what we do when we imagine we do erotic fantasies about someone imagining him naked, or engaged in various sexual practices, or when we try to imagine the old, or young, or whatever.

But when he was born the “case “the press has thrown headlong into trying to divert attention. Because this application does not have the problem of doing what he does. It has the problem of being another operation in pure Cambridge Analytica style, which has the task to carry out a massive profiling users.

When I read articles accusing the Russians of being behind the application, I went to look around on the application page using a browser quite privacy-aware (good):

 FaceApp, or the new Cambridge Analytica

As you can see, if Facebook was not able to locate you using the usual tracker, offers access to the area. But not with any oauth: ONLY with that of Facebook.

What he tried to do Facebook? This:

 FaceApp, or the new Cambridge Analytica

He tried ie give Facebook a little bit of information on my laptop, including the resolution of the monitor. He did not even

Since I do not have a Facebook account, in this case I could ask FB to remove such data under the GDPR, but never will, so do not I waste time. Americans are descendants of the worst scum fled from Europe ‘, essentially criminals and whores, so do not expect anything from a population epigenetically selected to be honest.

However, point is simple: Facebook or identify you, or you have to log in and identify you. So clearly among FaceApp purpose is to let your identity to Facebook even if you do not use the app, and even if you do not use Facebook.

The answer to the question “who is behind Faceapp” was, that is, under the eyes of all. On the home page.

What’s wrong?

That’s exactly the same pattern used by App Cambridge Analytica.

What makes me think bad?

Several things.

  • The times. If we measure the distance to the last election, this is about the same timing of the Cambridge Analytica.
  • The alibi. As soon as it has become mainstream, everyone was forewarned of show that the danger came from the Russians. They then retracted and the danger is that Facebook takes your face (as if you had not published thousands of photos).
  • The accomplices to issue the ‘Russian-alarm were newspapers and media that are the orbit of the quasi-clickbait Facebook. The ones that make us the money, those who enter the tracker, and so on. He took his henchmen known, in fact.
  • The excuse. Now the excuse of Russians only uses Facebook. What does a continuum of Russian propaganda problem is always Facebook. No other company has complained of being targeted by the Russians. Zuckerberg seems a traumatized child by the Russians.

For me, then, behind this application there are no “Russians.” There is probably another operation in Cambridge Analytica style with which Facebook helps his puppet (Trump) to win the elections.

As before, the application:

  • asks access to your profile.
  • Look what pictures you choose.
  • Look who choose effect.
  • Look whom you share.
  • Observe how many and who put the like.

it’s enough to fill a sparse matrix. And how. The result of all this is simply profiling, according to a well known process for years:

https: //www.pnas.org/content/110/15/5802

But the interesting thing is that Zuckerberg has tried to divert attention in advance blaming the Russians, which has moved all the henchmen because the public to know that behind there are the Russians. In short, he put his hands on.

Because you see, of ALL the journalists who talked about FaceApp, no one has noticed this thing:

that when your browser does not provide data Facebook asks you to give data to Facebook.

They investigated everything, everything, everything except the most obvious thing, the killer’s signature, the smoking gun.

In short, the usual scene:

FaceApp, or the new Cambridge Analytica or perhaps years, will jump out of yet another scandal CA. This time will be the FA scandal. And Facebook will react as always, banning the Application and blaming … guess who?

To the Russians. What if we take you for a ride, have pure reason.

FaceApp, or the new Cambridge Analytica


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