Non-public powers.

Non-public powers.

Sometimes I enjoy reading bloggers that Italy considers "intelligent", that is, those who have, to hear "the God All", the ability to read reality. And I find myself, more and more often, amused by their ability to read fiction, without understanding reality.

I refer to this post:

It is interesting how this person likes to read the political narrative and comment on it, without asking, for example, what is the physics behind this narrative.

I mean, if you look at Star Trek you automatically bend to the bizarre physics of that "world", and then you almost try to give a scientifically "plausible" explanation to what you see (teleportation, etc). Moreover, science fiction has a duty to be realistic, while science does what it wants (every reference to quantum mechanics is wanted).

On the other hand, if we watch a documentary instead of seeing a science fiction film, we don't need to resort to any alternative physics. It is clearly the same physics we are used to observe in the life of our material body. So, let's not try to find out if the reality we see is realistic, because it's already real.

Now, the author of the blog always forgets that he is not observing what is happening in Rome with his physical senses (therefore linked to "ordinary" physics), but he knows only a narrative of what happens in Rome. The narrative made by the media, in turn "managed" or perhaps "manipulated" by people (assumed by the parties) whose purpose is to write narratives.

Italian politics, therefore, is more similar to Star Trek than to National Geographic. It is therefore necessary to ask, as we do with Star Trek, what is the physics behind the whole. Or rather, what physics would be behind Star Trek if Trek were real.

What is the physics of Italian politics? Let's see what we know a little bit.

  • The Minister of the Interior should not be a minister: even if he does not show up for work, even if he spends his time on the beach, or campaigning, the ministry works about as usual. There were no visible deteriorations during Salvini's absence.
  • The Prime Minister, or Prime Minister, can be an irrelevant nullity put there to act as a scarecrow in a dysfunctional government, and nothing happens. However, we do not observe great disasters, which we expect from such a power vacuum.
  • Ministers can also be a pile of idiots who lack the basic knowledge to do any job in the field of competence, even the most humble. Bonafede says of the absurd castronerie in matters of law, there is a Health Minister who does not understand vaccines well, etc. And although this stack of idiots sits in power, no great effects are observed.
  • The percentage of parliamentarians in Parliament is ridiculous, too low for parliament to function decently. No kind of group of people can do their job by working so little. The comparison with other countries is merciless.

Let me be clear, I do not expect to notice the same immediate effects that we would observe if we changed the pilot of an airplane with an incompetent: however, Rome and Turin clearly show us, if compared with Milan or Bologna, that the quality of the ruling class makes the difference.

But this is not the case with the central government.

What kind of "physics" is behind this situation? Well, we have two basic propositions:

  • The country is not particularly affected by the quality of its rulers.
  • The country is not particularly affected by the presence of its rulers in the physical place where they "govern".
  • The country is not particularly affected by the apparent unreliability of the rulers themselves, as highlighted by the author I mentioned above.
  • The country is not particularly affected by having a dysfunctional government

When I say "not particularly affected" it means that I do not observe the effects seen in Rome or Turin, nor even those that are observed if we remove the pilots from the cockpit of an airplane.

The only physics that justifies such a thing is this:

Those people do not govern anything. The country is ruled by others, of which you know nothing, and the people you see (Renzi, Zingaretti, Salvini, etc.) are only actors who are offering a show, so that you don't know who really governs the country.

Then you will tell me that the country has a series of parachutes, redundancies and sturdiness, a kind of autopilot, which allows it to go on without pilots. But be careful, because the narrative is trying to convince you that the pilots are there. So this physics is not convincing. Also because, if such an "autopilot" existed, my second question would be "who exactly is it made up of? Do you know the names? Who voted for them? "

The physics that I propose to explain this thing is the following: we make a nice competition for those who imitate the Queen, singing in playback.

  • The PD comes on stage, and as they are studied it seems that they are singing. They move well, and move their mouth in sync with the song. Looking at them, they seem to be reincarnated Queen, even though we know very well that they didn't write the song to them and the voice isn't theirs, it almost seems like they are singing.
  • Salt on stage Salvini, who sits on a deck chair, puts the microphone on his stomach and goes to sleep while the music goes. He adds a couple of farts to the thing, but otherwise it's clear he's not singing. The fiction of the Playback falls immediately.
  • Those of M5S, like Fico and Di Maio, go on stage. One is dressed like the queen of England because he read "Queen" and he identified too much, and he sings Queen with the face and movements of the Queen who makes the speech at the end of the year. Certain seconds seem almost as if they were guilty, but otherwise, since it is not in sync, it is clear that they are not the ones to sing.
  • Comes on stage Conte, who seems almost prepared, only that he puts himself behind the scenes and you don't see him all the time. Sometimes he goes out and sings two words, but then he comes back and disappears. Maybe you could believe it sometimes, but it's almost never on stage.

Now, the real problem with this comedy is precisely that incompetent actors have let reality emerge: that everyone is singing in playback. In all the governments before, the "singers" were very good, and you thought they were the ones to sing. They knew how to work in playback.

While these scoundrels seem to ruin everything, because they are not good at singing in Playback and go out of sync. If the song says that "the PD wants to govern with M5S" then Renzi says "he wants to be a government", because he sings in playback and does not decide him: if you are surprised it is because you have not yet understood that the song doesn't he writes . (understood, "Wittgenstein?")

It doesn't matter that the politician said something else shortly before, just as it does not matter that there is Maria Elena Boschi to sing Giovanotti. If he sings in sync, it almost seems like the voice is his. And if, after Giovanotti, the Dimmu Borgirs are there, first the Boschi sings Giovanotti and then sings the Dimmu Borgir, and if it does well it seems that it is always she who sings.

And what is happening to this fiction is now visible to everyone: it started to rain, the singers left the stage, yet the music continues and you can hear it singing. And you all understood, except for a few like Luca Sofri, who was all in playback.

You could hear singing when Salvini was on the beach but the ministry worked, you could hear singing when Conte was non-existent but the council of ministers made decisions despite being split in two, you could hear singing when the parliament was deserted and you could hear singing when Italian officials DO NOT sing they went to Brussels to negotiate but the EU took decisions on Italy.

Now the question is yours: but this music that you hear in Playback, who wrote it? Who sang it, recorded it, who chose it, who decided to send it on the air?

Here, this would be a good question: who REALLY governs Italy?

I recommend that you continue to follow the saga of the "fall of the government".

But sooner or later you might even ask yourself the question: what if these scoundrels were sent away by the songwriters, why is the population starting to notice playback because of them?

They, on the other hand, should ask themselves the question: what do "the songwriters" do to those who, because of their own incompetence in singing in playback, almost do not discover the trick?

I would not bet on Salvini's long life, to be honest, if "the songwriters" are the ones I speculate to be. Those are famous for getting rid of dead puppets.

Today I'm quite undecided about the video to use. These seem to me quite Fake, but not as much as the Italian "government".


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