Salvini sinking the North.

Salvini sinking the North.

I suppose that the Northern League fagot is something we should have expected, and that one thing can be said in all serenity by Salvini: he is not a tactician, nor a strategist. He's simply a lucky bullshit. And the problem with the lucky shooters is always the same: what happens when your star sets, and you keep shooting bullshit.

Let me be clear, the damaging bullshit has been many. First of all, a criminal press that has given extravagant coverage of the epidemic to increase the impressions of its websites.

Let's understand each other: at the moment in Italy another epidemic is underway, which has about ~ 5,000,000 infected, and at the peak moment has caused about 230 deaths a week. This is the normal seasonal flu.

Now, if the press had given the same importance to seasonal flu, you would have panicked since last October. But the problem is that someone has decided that the coronavirus cov-19 is an influence to follow step by step, while normal influences are not.

What is the only difference between coronavirus and normal influences? The difference is not in the number of deaths or in the number of infected, but in the speed of propagation. A healthcare facility that manages twenty million patients every year can serenely manage five million patients in three months, and this happens every year. But you can't handle them in a few weeks.

The cov-19 coronavirus spreads very quickly. Since it does not look like any other virus, it does not find its immune defenses ready, even in part. On the contrary, the other influenza viruses are very similar (if not for a mutation), so they always end up activating PART of the immune system. And this slows down their ability to spread.

In short, the coronavirus cov-19 scares for its rapidity of contagion, not for its dangerousness. Consequently, all the strategies in place serve to prevent millions of people from relying on healthcare all together, causing it to collapse.

In this situation, the following triggered in Italy:

  • A stupid policy , with Salvini who wants to put the government in difficulty by shouting "let's close the ports! let's close the ports! Negroes bring the plague and you don't do anything! ". And then to complain if the other EU countries limit transit to borders. (Genius!)
  • A stupid press that worked against Italian health care, spreading panic and raising the alarm. When a terminally ill cancer patient is said to be a "coronavirus victim," it comes to imbecility levels that border on art.

The result is that you are doing THE CONTRARY of what should be done, that is, avoiding counting infected and dead on television, leading millions of people to do what you DID NOT want them to do. Call the doctor.

In a certain sense it is true that in Italy the emergency is stronger because the cases are looking for them with a lantern. But this is not the problem: it is perfectly fine that healthcare tries to quantify an epidemic. What MUST NOT happen is that the press sows panic for the purpose of sowing panic to sell more newspapers.

The other countries obviously have come to terms. Since this is an influenza epidemic that could bend the health system IF it is subject to requests, they are managing things so that they are NOT subject to requests, and to let the epidemic pass, which will cause the same number of deaths as any flu seasonal.

Known as nobody knows how deadly seasonal influences are. Oh yes. I forgot. Vaccines are not needed for you and go to the Taverna house to get measles. So you think flu vaccinations are the gombloddo of the bigga varma. I'm curious to see the queues you will do when the cov-19 vaccine comes out. Which will be produced by Nonna Emilia from Mulino Bianco, and not by bigge varma , of course.

We know that the Italian press is made up of immoral jackals with the same ethics of a pedophile dingo (and I certainly do not hope in a trial against the newspapers that marched us, let alone) what leaves us perplexed is to discover the catastrophic stupidity of Salvini, who however nationalized the party is still dependent on the North, and has dealt a severe blow to businesses.

The only way to save companies from the cov-19 coronavirus is to NOT panic and protect the health system. Salvini succeeded in the extremely difficult intent to sow mistrust in the health system (it must be said that Conte is also helping him a lot) and at the same time sowing panic, stirring "His" RAI against unarmed citizens, who were terrified.

I must say that in the last few days Salvini has remained quite silent, and the press stands out out of stupidity. There are some things that should be said and that are not said, others that should NOT be said but are said.

A rational press should focus on a few points.

  • A flu virus does not "stop" or "stop" except with a vaccine. That is not there. You will come to have millions of infected, like all countries, and like all the years of seasonal flu. What we are trying to do is to slow it down so that there aren't millions of people who turn to healthcare all together, causing the system to collapse. Nobody can stop a flu epidemic, except with a vaccine.
  • The mask does not protect the wearer. As subtle as the textures are, if you can still breathe the virus passes us. Whatever the abbreviation you wrote on it. What the masks do is to stop droplets of mucus and saliva that YOU emit, that is if you wear the mask AND YOU ARE INFECTED you are protecting others.
  • If you are infected, you shouldn't be turning. So, we should NOT see people with masks that protect others because you should be home. Ah, yes: but you are infected but you don't believe it much. Or you are not infected and you think the mask protects you. In any case, one who wanders the streets with a mask is a jerk. Point. If he is infected, he should not be on the street, if he is not infected, the mask is not for a cock.
  • The best way to stop the virus is to wash your hands. Even when it's not needed. Because you touch your face with your hands. I mean the airways. And the airways are the ones that help the infection. So, give your hand to another guy who then touches his face. And paf, the virus passes. If you wash your hands, stop the cycle.
  • The best way to wash your hands is to use lots of water. The virus slams the cock of alcohol (which is a detergent but not a disinfectant, unless you bathe for hours) and in the end a good disinfectant soap and at least half a minute of water are the best way. People who come to the tap make me laugh at airports, pass a drop of water on my hands and leave. Maybe they believe it is a stoup, but the gesture is not enough. You really have to wash.
  • If you are not old and sick (or you have not lost the Chinese regime by living in China), the chances of it killing you are very low. Moral of the story: if you are not old or sick, the doctor sends you home and tells you to stay in bed. But you have the mask HHZTRBGR-345 and then turn on the street. Coglioni.

All the rest is cognitive dissonance. The press is bombarding you with cognitive dissonance, and as far as I see not even a stock market crash has served to stop the Italian press, they seem not to have understood that their management of the problem is irrational and unscientific. I'm a person with a humanistic background, so they don't understand shit. It's normal.

If I read around, I find that in Italy the alarm is higher because the Italian health is going to look for the sick. But it's not true. In Germany there are many sick people, and in France it arrived earlier. The dead and sick are counted. What happens less is that they end up on the front page.

Salvini sinking the North.
The infected are shown to the public. But without shouting "WE WILL ALL DIE !!". For the record, the carnival in Dusseldorf took place regularly last Monday, they tell me.

Now, with this crisis management you will not get out. No matter how hard the government tries, creating red zones and doing all the useless Hollywood exercises is useless. It is useless because the influences come, and they cannot be stopped or stopped without a vaccine.

But the League is succeeding in an even more extreme masterpiece: by convincing everyone that blocking ports and closing borders is the best way to stop the virus, (which will not stop anyway) it got that when foreign countries think they are doing just as public opinion is not outraged. You can't get pissed if other European countries close your borders, after being the ONLY European country to block the borders with China. (pissing off their government, which will now make you pay dearly, of course).

After screaming around that the coronavirus generates more alarm in Italy because "we're going to look for it", you can't scream that you want European coordination: you are the best, right? Not like the others who care. Are you going to ask for European coordination now?

Obviously, you are preparing to receive European funds. Then get ready for the bad news: they will point out that the number of deaths has been similar to that of other countries, (and soon it will be, even for those who have been saved so far) for which the damage is due more to the poor management than anything else.

Another stupidity was that of entrusting great responsibility to people with small powers. Giving the regions (which have little power) a very great weight (managing a pandemic presented as the new bubonic plague but with a little Chernobyl) is a mistake. The little bureaucrat in front of a bigger problem than he always reacts in the same way: free himself from responsibility.

Closed schools, closed public offices, people at home, and if it had been their army in the streets, curfews and mass graves. The terror of being accused of not doing enough pushes them to do everything, even going too far.

The result is that of having dealt a catastrophic blow to the northern industry. In foreign countries, but Salvini does not know, Italian newspapers read them. And if they see ten times the concern they have, they deduce that the problem is ten times bigger. And so they wonder if Italian companies will come to close orders. In the world of industry 4.0, to say, moving a job takes a second.

Salvini who pushes the RAI to give maximum emphasis, panic and devastating sense of catastrophe to the cry of "let's close the ports! close the ports! " it was the most serious disaster that could affect the country. Although he, Silvio and Giorgia hoped to bring down the government, the result was that no one shot down a government during an emergency, and on the other hand to amplify the emergency.

I can understand the reasons for canceling the MWC in Barcelona (the Americans withdrew en masse because they had nothing to say about 5G, and they canceled all the rest of the chain), which are more political / economic than health. But all the cords and red areas that are made in Italy do not make sense against an influenza virus.

And so, Salvini's decision to ask "His" RAI to give emphasis to the epidemic only got to hit northern companies. Because in the North there are all the ingredients: a very international city (Milan), a cold climate, needs travel and contacts because of the business.

Only a jerk could light the panic fuse in this powder keg.

And that jerk is Salvini.


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