Coronavirus and coups.

Coronavirus and coups.

I was in Ireland while you were immersed in the cognitive disaster you call Coronavirus, that is, you were busy calling "Bubonic Plague" what is less lethal than normal flu. Since the same cognitive disaster occurred all over the planet (in Italy it reached the level of art, I think) the MWC had been reset, so I took the opportunity to go to Dublin.

I repeat: Coronavirus ncov-19 is less dangerous than a normal flu: the danger comes from the fact that it spreads very quickly because it is completely new to the immune system. In practice, the danger is that the national health system is subjected to a DDOS, when all citizens rush to the emergency room for the first symptoms of a flu. So the rational thing is not to sow panic, to count the dead but not the infected (which will be millions in the short term, as happens for any flu).

Clearly, the Italian mass media have NOT kept a rational attitude. But did anyone really expect Foa to be "rational"?

Obviously the thing is approaching the end, since soon the only escalation will be to say "don't go to work", and millions of Italians with free time to think are exactly what the government fears the most .

I mean that the first time someone says "you shouldn't go to work with the first symptoms," Conf * will call Foa and say "try to say something like that on TV and we take away so much publicity from RAI who send you to grow bananas in the Gotthard tunnel ".

That playing is good, but money is money.

Clarified that in a few days you will all be convinced that coronavirus is a normal flu that spreads very quickly, enough to worry the national health system, but nothing more, I would like to talk to you about how you have just become a third world country, BUT COMMUNIST . Do you know those beautiful countries like Nagorno Karabakh , or the GDR? Here it is.

Because while you were too busy with a banal influence, the PD asked for confidence to approve the Interceptions decree. What does this decree say? He says you are in the GDR.

Of course, for the PD it's a party: since their electoral strategy is to bring sixty-eight to power, and let's talk about those who "Cuba is beautiful and you live very well because there is Fidel", and "in the GDR you are better and the wall serves to keep the capitalists out ”, no wonder the PD tries to breathe a little bit of Stasi 2.0. to remember the good times.

So, let's go in order: let's talk about the problem and the solution, (ie the decree).

The problem of the PD is that they struggle to intercept Renzi and Salvini. It means that so far the magistrate, in order to make interceptions in peace and to throw people on the front page, must have an open investigation with the name of at least ONE of the intercepted at the two ends of the call.

Sure, they can abuse the terms, but by now (the practice has been widespread since the mid-1990s) chickens have become smart, and they know very well that family / critical communications are done in person and in safe environments (better if abroad) something is starting to happen that the magistrates do not control. It also happened with Grillo and Casaleggio, but now the alarm seems to have ended.

It happens that Salvini goes to meet the loyal ones in Switzerland (for him it is a few kilometers), and Renzi takes advantage of "worldly commitments" to go to high-altitude meetings around the world. Places where the Italian judiciary does not arrive.

As the PD would like to practice the "Davigo Cure" on the opponents, then it is necessary to broaden the powers of the judiciary, giving them the opportunity to intercept at will, without fumus criminorum, and without time limits. Furthermore, it is necessary to give them the green light to trample the preliminary investigation, so that they can practice the Character Assassination in the press in peace, by publishing the interceptions (even when they have ZERO procedural significance).

That is the question. Their solution is the wiretapping decree, which the PD has approved using trust (in case some grill, despite the congenital stupidity, came to wonder if by chance it is not even a weapon aimed ALSO at them), and which allows the following things:

  • Magistrates can infect politicians' cell phones via the Internet, in order to insert photographs (which no child abuse charge is denied today), files that "will be used as evidence", and anything else that modern malware allows . The fact that they can also infect them via the internet serves them to overcome national limits, and to remotely operate cellphone microphones to record conversations while abroad. In practice, all Italian cell phones (and not, because there are no limitations that protect foreigners) are now bugs.
  • Magistrates can intercept whoever they want as much as they want, without any limit. It will be enough for them to open a file against unknown persons for an alleged crime (it must not even really have happened) of which the magistrate would have information through unspecified ways (provided that anonymous sources are "above all suspicion"), and from that moment can intercept anyone according to him (that is, anyone) could be connected to the crime that perhaps did not even happen . You don't have to check that guy died before opening a file for the guy's murder.
  • Character Assassination becomes legal. It means that the magistrate can take any wiretapping that he deems destructive enough for his reputation and drops it into the hands of the press. For example, if Agnese Renzi likes BDSM, which is illegal in Italy (I'll post it, but in fact practicing BDSM in Italy falls under some crime), you will know soon. And it doesn't matter whether it's a crime (like BDSM) or a harmless thing (like she likes to have oral sex): you will know it to the extent that this serves Renzi's _character assassination_.

obviously people will say today that they have nothing to fear as they do nothing illegal. And it is obvious since their perception of the law is such that they believe that some practices (such as the exchange of couples and BDSM) in Italy are legal. If they knew the legal provisions, however, they would discover that these are crimes that it is not usual to prosecute, but the magistrate can pull the norm out of the hat whenever he wants.

But it won't work. Or rather, it will only work against any pinco pallino.

Because there are hundreds of companies that specialize in the construction of telephone systems, chats, (Zimmermann Mobile, Silent Circle, GSMK, ESP, and others) and everything that falls under the term "cryptophone". These are fairly robust devices, which can be bought with a simple car trip (many of these companies are in Switzerland), and they also provide a secure ecosystem and backend for files and everything. These are often (as in the case of GSMK that uses Thuraya) solutions based on satellite networks, so as to escape from the control of the local telco.

The problem is not as much as one of them is unbreakable, the problem is that this security is obtained in many ways, and the vendors are many. In most cases, these are not real phones, but extensions that encrypt the transmission on layer 2.

Coronavirus and coups.
Obviously, since there is no Android, there is no Malware for Android.

The fact that the techniques are so many and the products so many makes it very difficult for the average incompetence of the marshal who helps the magistrate to intercept. Berlusconi really had bad advisors, in the sense that already at the time he could have stopped the magistrates.

But the "new" generation of politicians will only hide behind these devices, and in the end the hopes of the provincial magistrates will be shattered behind some encryption algorithm based on some elliptical curve or some latex problem.

The real problem with this is the citizen, because:

  • These phones are not found in common stores.
  • Neither amazon nor other online retailers index them.
  • Google hides them as much as it can in its search engine.

Which makes it something that works on the public, but not on the politicians who can buy them.

What in the former GDR was called "privile".

But the thing you are not understanding is that by doing this the Italian judiciary is deviating from the European average: to give an example, the German constitutional court has already clarified vehemently what the limits of telematic wiretapping are:;jsessionid=8A3BB5604A557D7884A3275A0EE479FB.1_cid361

So in doing this, the PD is taking Italy out of Europe, closer to Egypt.

It will not be the League that will take you out of the EU. It will be the PD. And it won't take you out of Europe by rejecting the currency or the economy. The PD is taking you out of Europe by rejecting the establishment of legal guarantees and human rights.

Because when you put a generation in power with Mao's red booklet to power, all you have is Mao's China.


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