Sandra Milo’s first topless 2020 is approaching.

Sandra Milo's first topless 2020 is approaching.

When I listed the reasons why fear is needed in Italy, I forgot one, namely internal politics. What happens is that newspapers (the same ones that had previously supported M5S) realized that M5S itself was disintegrated, and therefore they chose another champion, the League. That is, they have become sovereign.

Obviously a newspaper like La Repubblica cannot do it explicitly, that is, it cannot explicitly side with such a party. The same applies to La Stampa and Corriere, which in any case have a too "moderate" audience.

So the sovereign strategy of these newspapers is:

  • Hide the good news about the PD by covering it with other news.
  • Hide bad news about M5S by covering it with other news.

This is clear if you live abroad. Take the German correspondent of the Republic, "Spiegel".

Sandra Milo's first topless 2020 is approaching.
In practice, the first headline is about the disaster caused by Trump on the Huawei issue.

The coronavirus is there: it comes right after Monica Lewinsky.

Sandra Milo's first topless 2020 is approaching.
Lewinsky is always a great Lewinsky.

Let's make a comparison with Repubblica, where the story occupies the entire first page.

Sandra Milo's first topless 2020 is approaching.
We see that I guess: but is something happening in China?

The reason is that in Italy the Emilian elections have shown a figure that is anything but a victory for the PD.

The first point is that to beat the League they needed to invent a weapon, the Sardines, which works only once, at most two. It is absolutely unthinkable that this movement (a Greta-like movement) could last until the next elections, without being devoured by ordinary politics.

The second point is that M5S has disappeared. With such votes, it means that the government is imaginary. The government consensus, which is two-thirds based on M5S, is imaginary.

Italy has an imaginary government.

It goes without saying that in this situation, people should think of something else. We are saying, in fact, that if we went to the elections tomorrow and it is not clear who should take the M5S votes, the League would win.

Of course, maybe tomorrow not because the Sardines are still "the new kid on the block", but the more time passes, the more the idea that the elections bring the League to power materializes.

Moreover, winter is ending and Libya is collapsing: summer 2020 will be a real wave of landings. Ideal for the League.

The purpose of all this is to survive until the next presidential election, that is, when the next President of the Republic is appointed. But surviving with a government that has 60% of parliamentarians and senators in the complex field , at ninety degrees compared to everything else (cit.), Is not the easiest thing in the world.

There are essentially three possibilities that can keep the League out of government:

  • An extemporaneous Sardine-style movement that leads to elections and captures the outgoing M5S electorate.
  • An existing populist movement, like that of Gretha Thunberg, which absorbs the votes of M5S and a green party allies with the PD.
  • That the PD can absorb the votes of the spilled from M5S.

The third is very unlikely, and it is much easier for the M5S to escape into some green populist party, such as Gretha Thunberg's. I call him populist because Gretha Thunberg's movement is limited to going to the streets, accusing the ruling class and not proposing solutions (with the excuse that they are children-children: in reality in a year Gretha will have the right to vote and the excuse will no longer work), or propose simplistic strategies with a great media effect. Which is typical of populists.

If all this does not happen, it is very probable that after the next elections the League will find itself with a government majority. And therefore he can also elect the President of the Republic.

The fact that after these elections M5S is a disappeared party (as indeed the Front of Any Man almost immediately disappeared) transforms the current government into an imaginary government .

Now, the thing that Italian newspapers should understand is simple:

You can't go on until 2022 with the coronavirus.

It is an influence. And at the first outbreaks (an outbreak is a series of cases in your country, where the sick have been infected by other infected people in the same country), people will start doing what you are saying: panic.

And to the first Italian company that will stop because anyone who has the symptoms of a flu stays 40 days at home in quarantine, here the coronavirus will be downgraded to “Flu that causes itching of the foreskin in the worst case. And only after menopause ". The first time that entrepreneurs will find themselves with firm companies, La Stampa, Repubblica and Corriere will all write together that coronavirus is good for you, it enlarges your breasts and lengthens your cock by nine centimeters. (The first day. Then it doubles). And people will turn around with the mask to say they have it long: mask is the new SUV.

Since presumably you will not be able to stretch the coronavirus (perhaps you will be able to prevent Salvini's Security Decree from being changed, but it is too convenient for all parties, and they will keep it.), What will happen next?

How are you going to get anything else talked about, but not about a dysfunctional government that lacks 2/3 of the popular consensus it's supposed to be based on?

What will you focus on?

Because fear, in addition to being addictive, is also addictive. And after the "epidemic with the number of deaths that doubles every day" (BOOOOM !!!!! if it were true, it could kill eight billion people in thirty-three 'days, starting from the first dead: if you believe it, take the holidays now , you will be dead when you return), how do you plan to terrorize the population?

I think I will talk later about the cognitive (and scholastic) delay of those who believe a phrase like " the number of deaths doubles every day ", but the point is that there are few things worse than an epidemic that generally eliminates human in just over a month.

Look at them: what can scare them even more? (Cit.)

  • The Wendolls? (Cit.)
  • The locusts (cit.)
  • The first topless 2020 by Sandra Milo. (but is it legal?)
  • The shocking cosmic secret of Pavarotti, Lady Diana, Taricone & Padre Pio playing scientific scopone in the afterlife, revealed by a Shepherdess of Medjugorje. (more suitable for a certain Rai 2 audience, I would say)
  • Valentina Nappi presenter of SanRemo, (ok, this is really unlikely, I admit it).

I mean, don't you realize you've shot (almost) all cartridges?

You don't understand that the phenomenon of habituation will do nothing but produce a great relief, when the entrepreneurs order you to make the coronavirus disappear from the first pages in order not to depress the economy (or they don't buy you advertising), and you will have to keep the people locked in the house for fear until 2022?

The faucet continues …


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