The Eternal Press in August.

The Eternal Press in August.

There is a ghost that wanders through the world press, and boredom. The problem that online newspapers are facing is that the public is increasingly seeking news “exciting”, but always finds less. It is a phenomenon that actually know, said. “August”

If you watch TV during the summer period, that of holidays, observed soon some “seasoned” number of films, which is suitable to the public of elderly and white trash that stays at home during that time. Obviously these people who are on vacation watch less TV, They have nothing else to do and they are not much willing to passionately for television events.

The same happens to the newspapers. During the summer, usually the tone lowers. The anxiety-inducing news is minimized, especially by the resort, and start to become news of the things that normally do not make the news.

In fact, the behavior of the universe does not change just because it is summer in Italy. But what changes is the public’s interest. But the problem is that newspapers today are forced to provide in August, because the world has started to behave in the way they described … in August.

For example, today I learned that in Germany we the problem of curls, mating, they make too much noise. normally MILLIONS of German citizens awakened by cries of POSSENTI into heat curls do not make news, but it is clear: here you can not sleep, it’s a scoop! Ricci fucking like hedgehogs, you know? is a NOTITIONS.

That said, now we go to the printing problem. Why in recent times the world press has a problem. And the Italian press is starting to feel it.

is always in August.

If we look at the policy, the real decisions are made in places, in Brussels , that Italian journalists attending little (be patient, they are paid € 5 to article, let alone if there comes a trip), and Rome now politicians do not know what to invent to stay on the front page.

Since journalism d ‘ investigation is not done because it is paralyzed from the lobby (meaning that companies and politicians against whom do investigative journalism are the same people who own / finance newspaper), there are only foreign and the record.

Now on news the news is ugly.

If we talk of crime, namely crime, but here there’s disappointment.

the murder rate in Italy, calculated per 100,000 inhabitants, collapsed. So there are fewer murders to put in the paper, and also using the mole in the prosecution hunting for crimes that could make the news, for the newspapers there are bad news:

the eternal printing August is a time when the media reading leaves you with the same hunger for news you had before. None of what you read is important. Nothing excites you. None of what you read there really cares, nor will really care.

Honestly, you really want to read a news page that is between the only murder of the day, which normally It takes place in the family at the expense of a poor (feminicide did not rise: have remained pretty much the only omidicio still practiced), and some other pathological case to be treated criminology?

This is the problem of the press if we consider “news” that it was only ten years ago, today there is a chronic shortage of news. The policy is completely ridiculous and swine, culture deals with pettiness shocking without being able to bring important issues, the record is the stuff of Vera Chronicle, in short: What the hell have to do to fill the pages of newspapers?

It should be said that even an attempt to evolve the press is blocked, usually by old managers and journalists. If we think of newspapers that propose major issues of the world of culture, a newspaper that has Scalfari, or felts or Ferrara of the situation can not propose topical issues. Their cultural horizons are firm to the ’80s, this century do not understand really. For them the issue of privacy not end in Clean Hands phone calls. They do not understand the digital world. They do not understand the impact of technology.

They come from a world of partisans fighting the Fascists, and do not understand things like ‘the European Union, except as a comparison with the only other union who know, the US . And so they spend their time complaining about that (fortunately) the EU is not the US, which does not do the same things and does not do likewise, but they are too old to understand a new concept as the union of states.

Even a different approach to national politics is impossible: a newspaper that deviate from the tracks diverebbe disliked by the political class (that is firm to the ’80s), and its readers, who are even older.

the result of all this is that the press in August will be eternal.

A dissatisfied player and bored will be around for online newspapers, looking for something that satisfies his thirst for information, and find us only a gray bias and uninteresting.

The world is changing at incredible speed. The change it would fill the pages of newspapers, as if there were no tomorrow. But journalists and publishers are too old to understand. So the reader knows that the world is changing, you know that everything is changing at a speed never seen before, but no trace is found in the papers, that propinano things frivolous, superficial, ancient and not very interesting.

is the ‘eternal printing August.

And it is here to stay.


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