8Chan is the new Marilyn Manson

8Chan is the new Marilyn Manson

First, , you may have noticed that the blog has a new look. I have it because, obviously, I decided to let it go hugo. The reasons are many, but the point is that the old post importerò them over time, little by little. Assuming they have to. In 15 years of blogging, I saw that the internet order has no memory.

However, as you have guessed from the title, this post is about what happened recently in the US. One thing the Italian newspapers have talked about, namely that the murderess had published the their intentions on 8-chan, < / A> one of many completely anonymous internet platforms.

And it has already been born (as read) the effect Marilyn Manson. For those who do not remember, Marilyn Manson was accused of being the instigator of the Columbine massacre, in one of those whaling operations to scapegoat characterizing the conservative religious culture. The conservative, not wanting to change anything of the status quo in the face of damage related all’insostenibilità status quo does nothing but repeat the same “is not the status quo to be unsustainable, it is the fault of the evil XYZ with his evil powers influence the minds of the least believers. “

So what happens? It happens that a country is armed to the teeth. It is allowed anyone to have weapons because of a constitution that does not guarantee everyone the right to care (not a word about that right) it guarantees the right to bear arms.

Then you created an “American exceptionalism,” so it was said that only and only the way of being and living of successful American is worthy of existence, spreading the belief that white WASP both best of the best of human creation, and that the culture he represents is such a unique masterpiece to represent the last word in history.

to this was added an unnecessarily bipolar political system (in a parliamentary system it makes no sense to have only two parties, since the arc must represent a spectrum of views), two-party system that has the same two parties virtually the beginning of the last century. A country that claims to represent all the political thought into two categories that never change.

On this have smeared a pop culture that has a real fetish towards violence, weapons, war, explosions and killings. And to win better, they have topped off with a Hollywood who still enjoys all the legal benefits of the last World War, which is a mass media system that is built for military propaganda. To be sure, they have added a disproportionate military force and out of control that devours money without anyone knowing well how they are spent.

Finally, they added a concept of identity based on the existence of the races (the Americans damage to the breed even more important than it gave the Nazis: all they seem obsessed with their membership in some group) and an unbridled nationalism.

This agglomeration was stratified for a century, building a monolithic block that is now unassailable.

The problem is that in our century this monolith is not sustainable.

What do I mean by “sustainable”? I mean a culture supports a nation when it identifies a set of concepts that bring together all citizens except the criminals, in the same peaceful group.

But American culture is deviating from this concept. The way things are going now, it happens that you are discussing whether some citizens (blacks, Mexicans, non-English) yet part of the same group. For example, When a president tells a deputy who must “return to his country” it is going just that. And Trump is a clear example of the cultural conglomerate of which I speak.

But to better understand what I’m talking about we can do a proper comparison with the massacre of Columbine. If we listen to the “motives” of the massacre by members of the “Trench Coat Mafia,” we will discover that in their words and in their speeches there was nothing in common with the policy that the country discussed in the newspapers, in Congress, in the countryside election. The same FBI has always had to admit to not being able, during interrogation, to answer the question “why?”.

On the contrary, in the massacre yesterday they recognize words that are policy . Suprematism, Mexicans, white, immigration, are all themes that are central in today’s politics.

Not the same massacre. It is not the same kind of havoc. Say “have always succeeded” is wrong. In past massacres could see the results of isolation, bullying, many US social problems, (the “incels” for example, are becoming increasingly aggressive and violent), but you could not see connections with the active policy of the country.

And that means one thing:

The American culture has reached the point in which the ordinary svogimento political pushes citizens to kill each other.

The next step is civil war.

And no, not even the “Trump” problem: Trump is a symptom, but it is not evil. Do not forget that Trump today as the main opponent of a convinced socialist, whose fans are not exactly people who would like to meet the evening night. Anyone who thinks that the American left is less violent dell’ultradestra wrong bad, simply because the violence of Black Lives Matter and other fringes of the extreme left does not vent in massacres, but something that is mistaken for ordinary crime, or generic “violence ‘policy.

There are no actors able to stand as the third. If you’re not with A and B even with because you are against violence, who are you? With the state we would say in Europe, but American culture has no concept of “state” but only to “government”, and if the government is not the third because it speaks the language of war, or you are with the group A, or Stay with the group B.

at that moment begins the civil war.

And here we return to the problem of 8-chan. It is the least of the problems. It is the most irrelevant detail of the story. There is a whole cultural system to change in the US, if you want to avoid civil war. Everything has to change.

  • The film majors should not have the additional tax relief when their film “ (If black he had an accomplice with a gun within easy reach of those four would cry …)

 8Chan is the new Marilyn Manson

you say that this is a very radical change in American dellacultura, but the point is that, as I said, American culture is no longer sustainable. No longer able to ensure that citizens think of being part of the same group of people, and instigates people to believe to be part of groups hostile to each other.

This culture It has plunged into an abyss since the US woke up from the nightmare of Vietnam. If in the 80s it was normal that a white listen to Michael Jackson, and go mad for Eddy Murphy, today there is music of the blacks for blacks (typically the RAP) played mostly by blacks, whites, and music heard mainly white and mainly played by white (for example, Rock and Metal). This transformation makes it clear what has changed america, and when it has exploded, starting from the ’90s, up to consolidate after the’ September 11th.

The point is that the US is a powder keg. it is sufficient that coincidentally happen to be a shooting of a white against a minority and a shooting of a member of a minority against the whites, and if both stories end up on the front pages the same day, the civil war began because they are active simultaneously all armed and latent fanatics.

and if the US does not put hand to the moloch of violence and dominance that they put in place in pop culture, it is not a question of “if,” but only of “when “.


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