The face of Facebook

The face of Facebook

When I wrote that Trump (contrary to what he believes to be) is a product of Silicon Valley and OTT like Facebook, Google & co, many gave me some conspiracy. They mentioned the fact that Trump has always spoken ill of Facebook & Co, accusing them of being companies that make billions giving few jobs, and so on.

This concern does not seem to be on Trump's agenda anymore, if he has threatened France and Italy with very heavy duties if they do not give up any "web tax". What he calls "web tax" is nothing more than the tax that the new European Copyright law has imposed, and that the American web giants do not accept having to pay.

We could discuss a lot of time on this: on the one hand we could be supporters of the idea that knowledge must flow freely. It is a legitimate position, but we must remember that the US government has now extended up to 90 copyright rights to … practically everything they do in the US.

The concept is very simple: knowledge sharing is a dual carriageway. If someone (GLI USA) says "what is mine is mine", then he must add "and what is yours is yours". On the contrary, the US says "what is mine is mine, and I will extend the copyright on Mickey's face forever to repeat it," while then adding "and what's yours is everyone's, which is still mine ".

It is said that Trump wants to save Apple from an unjust tax that would hit it if it continues to make free use of European content: forgetting that if any company does anything remotely similar to anything Apple has in mind, it is immediately cited for damages. Touching content even far away related to something about Itunes is a sure sentence.

In practice, the problem does not lie in the fact that it is right or wrong to use a copyright to cover European content: the problem is that Americans do the same thing, they have always done it, and when they do it is good.

We are in the situation where the US tells you: what's mine is mine, and what's yours is still mine.

So I would avoid the usual pippone from centrosocialati that anti-cavalcade the evil copyright. Copyright exists, the USA has always applied it. The point is that if they apply it and we don't, they end up marching on other people's content. In Rome they would say that they make fags with the ass of others.

But the point is not this: the point is that in the public narrative that Trump has held so far, it seemed that his election had nothing to do with the support of the great social media, and that on Facebook there was was some distortion, the fault was of the Russians and facebook "was doing everything possible to prevent the campaign was distorted in favor of Trump.

But now that Trump repays the hustle, the thing becomes more and more evident: it will be more and more difficult for Facebook to prove that "it is all the fault of the Russians" and that he has never supported Trump. The reality is that Trump is his puppet.

The funny thing is that the US is trying to take advantage of the process of approving the EU directive, which does not happen simultaneously in all countries. I don't know how it will end because the fight is starting threatening the two wrong countries, for two reasons:

  1. Threatening countries with retaliation against agricultural products works when farmers are weak and when the food industry is not experienced as a kind of public religion. But going to threaten retaliation against food and agriculture against two countries where food is a kind of religion (Italy) and farmers are extremely powerful (France) is not a wise move.
  2. France is going through a serious cultural debate, because it seems determined to protect its own culture from the Anglo-Saxon one. They already have laws and rules on the dissemination of "French" content and attempts to stop the adoption of English. The controversy towards American social networks is already very strong. Getting into the matter will do nothing but stiffen its position. And does Trump really hope to bring the French to their knees by threatening them … with cheese?

In all this, the great silent is Germany. Companies like Bertelsmann ( ) were among the big sponsors of the European copyright law. The point is that the Germans have become accustomed to fighting wars without saying that they are fighting a war, using "underground" moves in order to get what they want, and leaving the role of the one in public to the opponent, while they respond with silence.

So we will not see positions taken in this regard: they will simply make some incomprehensible regulations to those unfamiliar with German law, which they will then slowly implement as they did with Facebook. First a small fine for the contents not removed within 24 hours, then increased to a fine millionaire for the contents not removed in one hour, and so on.

Whatever happens, the point is simple:

Trump is not the face of America. Trump is the face of Silicon Valley. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google.

And that is why he is willing to lose strategic allies like France or Italy, threatening them publicly, to defend his OTTs: without them, he knows very well that he cannot win the next elections.

Because here is the point: if the Russians can "infiltrate" Facebook to use it in favor of Trump, Zuckerberg does not need to infiltrate anything. All he has to do is give Trump fans a little help and make everyone else "slightly less shared". Trump knows very well that, in one way or another, big OTTs like Facebook, Twitter and Google hold him by the balls.

Whether Trump is an OTT puppet voluntarily or not, the point is that he needs (like all politicians) to do politics. And Facebook fucks NATO, wants to make money. That the French have already left once and may decide to do so does not know it, does not remember it and probably does not want to remember it:

Perhaps Facebook, Google and Apple do not want to remember that France has returned to the NATO command only with Sarkozy, after being released in 1966. (Which is why the NATO command is in Brussels). And he is not interested in knowing what kind of damage would be a fact of this kind for the USA, right now that the world balance is changing.

But of these things to Facebook, Google, Apple doesn't care. In the next 4 years the European Commission program will certainly come into conflict with the interests of American OTTs. The same European digitization policy passes through the end of dependence on the various Cisco, Juniper & co in the network structure. It's happening, and also in Italy. In the coming years, that is, American OTTs will still be hit hard.

And it is for this reason that Facebook, Google & co will try to win Trump again. And it is for this reason that Trump is nothing but their voice.

He is not the president of the "Americans", he is the president of Facebook users. His are not "fake news", they are the results of a Google search. By the way, has anyone ever measured how many times a google search reports true results? Does such a statistic exist? Do you really think Google is a stranger to fake news and populism? Which is "neutral"?

Let's try: do vaccines hurt?

Here are the first three Youtube results:

The face of Facebook

Let's move on: chemtrails exist?

The face of Facebook

Who are the reptilians that dominate the world?

The face of Facebook

Please explain to me again that Google has no responsibility for the dissemination of fake news. Tell me again that it is the company of "make no evil". Which is better than Facebook and which played a MINOR role in the growth of populism. They are all ears. Because it happens that youtube is today the favorite tool of almost every teenager, with the exclusion of TikTok.

So, it's time to do something:

Trump is the face of Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft & co.

And he will always fight to defend them. Because Trump is made of their own substance.


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