The forbidden word.

The forbidden word.

After the last article I was asked how, if not that, the fascist murder of Willy should be narrated. The way exists, and it begins with the word that no Italian journalist has the courage to pronounce.


Because Willy's death is not a story of violence, fascism, racism and martial arts. Willi's death is a death linked to the ONLY word that has NEVER been heard of as a central factor in the fact . If you look at the "solutions" proposed by intellectuals and experts, you will always find "the culture of violence", "martial arts (and God knows how much MMA is up my ass, and now I find myself defending it)", "the fascism that comes back ”,“ the void of young people ”,“ the school ”. But no one ever said that if we stopped the cocaine stream, the "movidas" would become MUCH safer places. Because we want to say that it is a story of violence, fascism, ignorance and so on, but it is never told for what it is.

It's a cocaine story.

To say it all, you don't hear about it as much as you should. We know that it is consumed so much that it pollutes rivers and causes problems for fish , which means A LOT, but very little is said about it. It seems to be a small problem, secondary traffic.

Even where we should expect to find it, we find that it is not talked about. For example, you would expect that at a party-orgy of old people, and if you are thinking "Berlusconi" you are right, we should find tons of them. Have you heard of open files for large-scale cocaine dealing, as well as files for prostitution? No. It was a little stuff. Because even the magistracy of the hero magistrates has some problems with cocaine. They consume tons of it. All "high" officials of the Italian state, those with good income, end up participating in parties and conferences where cocaine flows in rivers.

They cannot go against the same traffickers who bring the cocaine they will end up consuming. And they would all be blackmailable.

Nor can you count on the police. Wondering how they are so violent day after day? No, fascism has nothing to do with it, if not as a consequence and a parasol. It is still cocaine: the men of the police are frequent users of it. ALL, without exception. Although it flows in rivers in Italy, the finds are few, sporadic, and little publicized. And it is no coincidence: cocaine travels long distances in road cars, drug dealers have the protection or tacit consent of the police. Then (again while the state turns the other way or participates in the organization) the coca goes to the prostitutes, who always have a few packages at home, or through various "ponies" (usually taxi drivers, but also "Takeaway pizza" and others), and arrives everywhere.

Cocaine is the drug of the upper floors, but in terrible qualities it is the drug of nightlife . Each "nightlife" is just a gigantic open-air cocaine market. Do you think the street lamps in the place where Willy died were broken by accident? No, it's the drug dealers who break them to escape the cameras. Willy died in a drug dealer . But it is not said, because it would be embarrassing first of all for politicians, starting with local ones.

There is no politician who would pass a hair test against cocaine. There is not a high-ranking official, a state executive who would not be cold sweating at the idea of ​​making a cocaine test mandatory.

The "high" state is subject to it IN EVERY PART, it is not possible to do politics without the consent of the cocaine business and its businessmen. There are no political parties that are not part of the traffic. Almost everything that concerns the state and politics revolve around this traffic.

And since it is the drug of the powerful, it obviously also captures the press, at least the big one. For this reason, despite the fact that it is everywhere, the press continues with useless pistolotti against "synthetic drugs", or against marijuana.

The word Cocaine is the hardest word to pronounce for anyone linked to some mafia, parish, freemasonry or political party. And therefore also for the journalists, who minimize, to the point of hiding what everyone knows: in that place the street lamps weren't broken because the boys were fighting, they were broken because drugs were sold. (besides, the excuse of appreciation of the girl for the fight for drug reasons has broken the shit, and 'like the resistance to a public official when one is beaten for no reason: but finding something new no, eh?)

And it is for this reason, even though immense quantities are consumed, to the point that the rivers are polluted by it, you will not hear of it except in smear. Its business is so pervasive that no state apparatus, and no part of the Italian bourgeoisie, including newspapers and journalists, can disturb the show.

We can summarize the attitude of the state towards cocaine as follows:


And this is why cocaine, despite being the most profitable business of all for traffickers, to the point where they can build fleets of submarines to carry it around the ocean, is so rarely mentioned. Because wanting to fight it, you could not do it with cocaine-addicted judges (and therefore blackmailed by the business itself), you could not do it with law enforcement agencies that use it and abuse it continuously, and even with armed forces in which it circulates undisturbed, especially on the upper floors. . You couldn't do it with the whole "decent" bourgeoisie against it, including journalists.

It is a business that has the whole of Italy in hand, which is its main port of call for all of Europe, where it is then sold. Every politician, public official from a certain income up, every bourgeoisie from a certain income up, is enslaved and blackmailed by the cocaine business.

But what does it have to do with Billy? It has to do with it because the so-called “nightlife” in which Willy participated (like all young people now) is nothing more than an open-air cocaine market . Everyone knows it, but as happens in Italy when everyone dips the biscuit, everyone pretends not to know .

Why did the white brothers behave like beasts? Cocaine. Why did they dominate the nightlife clubs? Cocaine. No nightlife venue can object when asked to provide a safe place for a bag. Everyone does it. Everyone, no one excluded. Why didn't the police arrest the Whites first? Cocaine. Why weren't there any police around? Cocaine.

The answer to all the mysteries and all the questions about Willy's death, as well as other boys who died in the "nightlife", always for quarrels due to futile reasons, is always in this word.


The Whites and their friends were high on coke. Everyone who started the fight for petty reasons was high on coke. Because (in the past I worked as a bouncer in the disco to pay the expenses of the university) when you have a mass of people made of coke the fight turns up for nothing : pushes that don't even exist, "cazzoguardicazzovuoi", and all that. It's the cocaine signature . But everyone pretends he's a fringe player in what happened.

And how serious the problem is, the ABSENCE of this word from the investigation tells you, the ABSENCE of this word in the words of the consumer elites who write opinions on Willy's murder.

And that's how Willy's story goes. Starting with cocaine.

“One night, in a large open-air cocaine market, among a mass of kids high on cocaine, a brawl starts like those that arise for nothing when everyone is a cocaine user. The police do not attend the post because they usually turn away when it comes to cocaine. The losers of the fight, who being high on cocaine do not accept to lose, call other guys high on cocaine, stronger, who behave like those high on cocaine do: with hyperconvulsive violence. "

But the story continues:

"Although everyone knows that every nightlife in the country is an open-air cocaine dealing, the magistrates do not order any drug tests for the Whites, no one on the witnesses, no searches in the premises of the area, much less research is carried out to understand if that place "Dark" because the street lamps were sabotaged it was not by chance a place of dealing. (It was. Broken street lamps = shop). Nobody mentions the word cocaine except as a marginal factor, nor does one venture an explanation as to why the street lamps were broken. The magistrate does not ask himself the question, the police focus on something else, and nobody wants to say that the murder took place in the umpteenth drug square where drug dealers break the street lamps to avoid being caught "

And it's amazing how the story unfolds without cocaine being named, or named only as a marginal factor, which concerns the Whites and little more.

A murder takes place in a square of the cocaine dealing, but a large anti-drug operation against the cocaine dealing does NOT start. No. The only law enforcement raid goes to check if the MMA gym has permits in order. It's normal?

“Cocaine seems invisible to the men of the state, and even to the eyes of the state press, which practices the same vices. And so we mention, in a whisper, the fact that the Whites were consumers of it in the past, but it seems to escape the fact that that dark corner was a market for cocaine dealers, that every nightlife in the country is now a sky market. open of cocaine, that all or most of those involved had consumed it, that the local shopkeepers surely know something and host bags, and that the fight broke out with the classic dynamics of cocaine "

Cocaine in Italy should not be talked about, not on television where it is immoderately used among VIPs, not in the newspapers belonging to one of those "respectable" parishes, in whose celebrations coca flows freely. We must not talk about it to the police, who would rather pretend not to hear, because they make excessive use of it, and become more violent because of this: this beating bears the clear signature of cocaine, the "cazzoguardiiotazzononseinessuno".

You will not hear about it from politicians except as someone else's problem, despite the excessive use that ALL the VIPs of Rome make of it, without any exclusion, including politicians who say they are not affected. Try to propose the compulsory drug test for all parliamentarians and you will hear shouts “ma la praivazi !!!”. And even the magistrates, belonging to the rich state bog class, or to Freemasonry, or both, pretend not to have seen it, and don't even look for it. For this reason, in Silvio's parties, the sluts caused more sensation than coke.

Here, the right way to tell the story of this Movida dead is that which requires raising the most gigantic drug and crime problem ever seen: the Cocaine problem.

Even when they have the opportunity, they publish letters where yes, there are four pillars of Movida but that of cocaine never goes into depth. Team order: gloss over cocaine.

Willy's story is a Cocaine story.

But it is the very word that no one will EVER put at the center of the discussion. Even if she is named, she will be smeared. Marginal factor. Maybe the Whites and their friends used it.

But cocaine will never be mentioned as the motionless engine around which the whole affair, and many similar events, take place and have unfolded.

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