The purple halo.

One thing that makes the "pandemic" extraordinarily powerful, in addition to introducing alleged technicalities capable of consciously terrifying the population (the difference between "pandemic" and "epidemic" exists only in global terms, for the individual nothing changes), and 'obsession with the number of infected people.

This obsession has no rational basis, since:

  1. because of the cost of the tampons, it is not possible to know how exactly the "positives" are.
  2. the situation changes so 'quickly that not' can keep updated in real-time list, or at least in time
  3. the percentage of positive deaths varies between 1% and 6%.

if there is no possibility of having reliable data, and the information tells us very little about our destiny, for what reason was all this obsession with the problem of contagion born, when the only truly relevant figure is the number of deaths , and at most also that of hospitalized people in poor condition?

This phenomenon is the union of TWO phenomena.

The first is the need for adrenaline and all those endorphins that accompany stress. By this I mean that the new "timor et desperandum" has been replaced by the old "panem et circensis". The people, satisfied with all their need for bread and fun, have developed a new primary need, which is a need for anxiety and despair. This is linked to the functioning of the so-called "reward system", which is now deformed under the weight of this real addiction.

The government, therefore, to satisfy the people must provide them with an ever-increasing dose of fear and stress, in order to force the citizens' brains to produce ever-increasing doses of drugs.

A dynamic, unpredictable, random and difficult to find number lends itself to this. But there is another reason why the number of infections is shown more than the number of deaths. And no, it has nothing to do with the risk that someone will ask questions about the goodness of the health system, or the real consistency of the count.

The point is that dying from a virus and contracting it have different levels of social stigma . Those who were born on time witnessed the communication disaster of the first advertisements for HIV / AIDS. In one of these "progress" advertisements, the ministry represented the infected with a purple halo.

The purple halo.

The result was a media disaster. The company was convinced that the contagion implied a visible stigma, a kind of stigma that was visible and indelible. Who wore it, who had the purple halo, was automatically marginalized, ostracized, different from others, and isolated from others.

What is happening now is nothing more than a repetition of the phenomenon: being "positive" to the coronavirus is in fact a ticket to quarantine, that is isolation. Everyone is asked to avoid the positives, and to ostracize them. And unlike what happened with HIV-positive people, no one gets up to say that these ostracisms are inhumane: nCovid-19 seropositivity is a legitimate cause of ostracism and marginalization.

In practice, the number of infected people is nothing more than the new purple halo.

Positive is the new alone purple.

This produces a much worse sense of anxiety. In Italy, in fact, the dead person enters an ineffable dimension in which the judgment is suspended. People who were considered bad in life are often sanctified, despised people become martyrs if they are killed, and in any case the judgment against them is suspended. At the funeral there is no controversy.

But with the infected it is different. The stigma is more powerful. The purple halo is scary. And so, today the infection is more fearful of death. It generates more anxiety. The fear of contagion generates more stress. The fact that test swabs are missing increases stress and fear.

The problem with this mechanism of drug addiction to endorphins and adrenaline is very simple: all these natural drugs are addictive.

And therefore, after this PANdemia, complete with an epochal financial crisis, one wonders: and how will you manage to increase the dose afterwards?

Asteroids? Nuclear war?

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