What very few men will tell you.

What very few men will tell you.

I think I stimulated some curiosity when I wrote about fascists as "failed males", and so my contacts on Tox reacted by asking me to clarify what I meant. So I decided to write this post, which perhaps will also clarify why I speak in a certain way about women (though not all of them: some, very few, do not fit into this portrait – I married one).

I have received several questions from my Tox contacts, and I will try to answer all of them. The questions are not many, if compared with the number of contacts,

What very few men will tell you.
Given that this hundred people took the trouble to download and install the Tox client, and to contact me and talk to me, I would say that a dozen questions deserve a response. If the blog had comments, they would be the ones who always write.

Let's get to the point: if you have reached a certain age, at a certain point you looked back (also due to a certain lowering of the level of testosterone – a liberation!) And you started to understand why you are as you are, and how did you get there?

Let me be clear: what I understood now I had not understood before. As a young man I didn't understand what and why, and only with a certain retrospective can you really understand what happened to you. Or what they did to you. And who.

So, if you are male and have an excellent memory, at some point you see your childhood. And you see the wonderful thing you were. You were beautiful. Sweet, sensitive, and in your own way good and innocent. The females are a little less so, and I have confirmed it by growing a daughter. But if you are male, and you turn back to your childhood, you will love yourself. You will feel a sense of tenderness and sweetness towards yourself, and your spiritual beauty. And not just for yourself, because you will realize that even the other children you remember, after all, were like you.

So far nothing strange. That childhood is made of beauty and goodness (if you have grown up in the right part of the world, of course) is not a mystery or a novelty.

But with the arrival of adolescence everything has changed, and male education has begun. It lasts throughout adolescence. A monstrous process that through a series of psychological tortures, and spiritual mutilations, strives to transform you into one of those monsters that you will then call "rapists", "feminicides", "violent men", "toxic males".

Before feminists cry: you have a guilty conscience . But ugly: because most of the tortures, humiliations, and spiritual mutilations are the work of your kind. If there is one thing I have learned from your genre it is that sensitivity is not a quality: it is the necessary requirement to become a good torturer . I am very wary of "sensitive" women: I know that I will find cruel monsters up to inhuman, with the gift of understanding where it hurts the most, called "sensitivity".

For this reason, when I see the story of the raped woman and the murdered woman, I go straight thinking " that is the male you built. That's what you get when you HAVE REACHED YOUR GOAL. It is your best product. What fault do I have if it's built to kill you? YOU did it that way . ". You are so stupid as to instigate the males to be violent throughout adolescence, convinced that they will be violent with everyone except you, what is my fault?

To understand this better: the Weinsteins, the Epsteins, the thugs, the rapists, in high school were all "chads", to use the Incel's own terminology. They were the most popular, the most loved ones, those who had successfully completed all the steps of male education. The ones you managed to shape as you wanted.

What very few men will tell you.
He had succeeded really well.

Incidentally, if it were up to me in high school I would go back to the division between the female classes and the male classes, in order not to allow the girls to do most of the work of transforming the male into an animal. And I am very positively surprised to find that in Germany males tend to isolate themselves from girls for the entire duration of high school: an instinct for self-preservation which, although instinctive, I find admirable. Because as for sadism the German girls are not better than the Italian ones, and they also try to complete their "work" of education.

Work that fortunately fails 99.99% of the time. And fortunately for women, because

If the masculine education (to which the women / girls give the main contribution) does not fail almost all of the times, EVERY male would kill a woman, EVERY male would rape a woman, EVERY male would beat his wife. Fortunately, male education fails most of the time. Almost everyone manages to escape much of the process.

But the failure of male education is not completely good news.

It is one thing to come back alive from the front, an account is to return not mutilated and sane.

What very few men will tell you.

The most common strategies for escaping this monstrous process are different. I know some of them

  • Exit the Arena. Just get out of the heterosexual arena, and be immediately expelled from the male gender. It's like resigning. The females stop massacring themselves because you are no longer in the field, and if the males are unleashed at that point, the pressure will still be lower. The fact that the injuries inflicted by other males if you are considered gay are much less painful than the monstrosities that the girls do, I am sure of the certainty that masculine education is given mainly by female torturers. It doesn't even matter if you are serious about gay, you just need to build a reputation, the gossips will do the rest.
  • Love the Hate. Now you have the males on you. It should scare you. But don't worry, there's a feeling that's stronger than any fear. It's called Odio. If you hate someone you are invulnerable. Neither his words nor his eventual cruelty touches you. You are made of black matter, hard and indifferent. You don't even hear them, blinded by the black and oily roar that hatred is blowing in your ears. You see them shouting their insults but you don't hear them, as if they were a video on an old black and white TV that has lost its sound. Hating can save you.
  • Silence and solitude. Some girls will try to attack you anyway. Torturing some males is their instinct, and especially if they are ugly they do not have the power to torture other males, so they will fall back on you. But to exercise their sensitivity they must see you inside. You can become a blackbox, simply by stopping talking. Learn to postpone emotions: smile, cry and laugh at night. In the darkness of your room. Emotions cannot be held back, but you will find that they can be delayed. When nobody sees them. Suppress your body language, and go. You'll cry tonight, alone. When you feel the emotions that want to overflow, say you yourself "after". "Later". "Tonight". It works.

If you do this, you will survive the so-called "male education", and you will remain practically human. I have practiced, in different percentages, these strategies from 13 to 22 years, and have worked. I came out almost untouched, and managed to preserve the most important qualities, those that I wanted to save. Some, I admit, were equally struck by which slut who had good aim. I have some wounds and some scars. I left a few pounds of meat on the ground. But the damage balance, said in hindsight, was quite limited.

Maybe there are other strategies. But I didn't know them. Nobody teaches you.

But if you want to escape "toxic masculinity", that is what I call "male education", the other men are not the enemy . It is mainly women and girls around you. And you are vulnerable. Because their mastery is to make you believe you are so weak, fragile, helpless …

What very few men will tell you.

But not everyone can get out of this education almost unscathed. And here we are at the point of the fascists. At the end of this horrendous process, we get some classes of males that I identify in my own way . Practically:

  • The "winners", or "well done": they are the ones that the girls love, and that the 4chan incels call "chad". They are the few on whom male education has worked. They are full of toxic masculinity, and since the masculine toxicity touches the hormone, as teenagers they are preferred by the female gender. They will end up in some newspapers, a few decades after adolescence, for having beaten, raped or killed someone. Because when male education works, they ALWAYS do it. It's just a matter of time. Fortunately, they are a very small amount, less than one percent according to my personal estimate.
  • The survivors. Those who, like me, have been saved, at least in large part. We are few, and we notice little. We consider ourselves elusive. Elusive. Solitary. Little social. We are the thoughtful ones. But then you discover how many things we have done and lived, because of our curiosity and the vitality that we have preserved. But we are few. I estimate 2/3% of men.
  • The mutilated. They are the ones who have bent under wounds and mutilations, simply by sacrificing their own personality. Like the lizards that leave their tails in the predator's mouth. They are the useless peepless poodles, without stimuli, monotonous, pessimistic, boring, mediocre, devoid of interests, curiosity and appetites. Those who "will do it tomorrow", or "would do it if only …" Always moderate, because they no longer remember the emotions that could exceed, like a war mutilated who has forgotten his legs. They are generally the perfect husbands for women almost identical to them. They don't kill their wife violently, they just drown with her in the Quoditian gray. These are very numerous, almost the norm, I estimate about 50% / 60%.
  • The bankrupt. They are the ones who have suffered the worst treatment. Mutilations, wounds and torture have gone as far as spiritual castration. They are failed males, they have zero self-esteem (or they use drugs to lift it), they have lost self-respect, they live by reputation being devoid of a sense of honor, by dint of being hurt on everything they cared about, they have stopped to become attached to their own inspirations. They do not aspire to anything, they suffer from the nothingness in which they find themselves, and having been spiritually castrated, THEY HAVE A DESPERED NEED A NARRATIVE OF VIRILITY.

The latter will become fascists, leaguers or those male-beasts you see among football fans, petty criminal troublemakers, and other human wreckage. They have lost all dignity, self-esteem and self-love during their "masculine education", and therefore they do not know exactly how to be a male, what sense it has and what it is exactly.

So they embrace the fascist narrative. It's simple: fascism proposes an easy and cheap male model, based on a few imitative gestures and phrases, some arrogance and a lot of pretense of being great warriors. It is an economic, immediate and easy to wear "narrative of virility".

In fact, fascism is a male disguise , for a male castrated by his "male education", and reduced to a condition that he no longer has almost any integral spiritual component. Their spirit is devastated by innumerable wounds and mutilations, almost all inflicted by scholars (pardon: "sensitive") female hands, and the depth of the wounds is such as to reach spiritual castration. Not for nothing the fascists almost always have problems of impotence that they remedy with drugs, or end up sooner or later in the arms of a transsexual prostitute: the pain of wounds to the spirit has castrated them inside.

This is about the point: the fascist is nothing but a teenager massacred to his inner masculinity, a failed male , who finds in fascism … a male uniform. Sure, it's a carnival uniform, but it's the only thing they have.

Fascism is nothing but a male uniform. A disguise, an expedient with which males castrated by the cruelty of male education try to still look male. In reality they are no longer, because being healthy males requires an inner narrative that speaks for itself in a certain way, and they have lost their words. It requires the possibility of making a gesture of sweetness towards themselves, but they have been cut off those inner hands that would have served to give themselves this caress.

Unable to be male anymore, they dress up as males. And the most economical and eye-catching disguise is fascism.

Fascism is an economic way of looking virile, chosen by those who have been mutilated in the spirit in such a total and devastating way that they can no longer be men. They may be fascists, but not men.

Because if you got out of that barbarism that was male education like this:

What very few men will tell you.

The offer to become this will be absolutely acceptable to you:

What very few men will tell you.
Now you have your legs and arms again. And patience for the face.

This is what I mean when I call the fascists "failed males".

They are simply males left castrated by the so-called "male education", so lovingly furnished by so many "sensitive" female hands, failed males who use fascism for what it is: a disguise.

A men's disguise.

Let me be clear: it is not my intention to pass them off as victims or absolve them. They are, like everyone else, the product of an educational system that aims to produce rapists and feminicides, and fortunately almost all of the times it fails.

It is not even an attempt to ingratiate myself with any "feminist", since I consider the female gender to be one of the main culprits of this monstrosity, and therefore I never accept their whining. Those who rape and kill you have loved them all through adolescence, you have preferred them to others and you have pushed them to be as they are. (moreover, inflicting painful humiliations / injuries to all others). Enjoy them as adults.

Whoever raises a snake in his breast, does not cry as he dies of his bite.

I hope I have answered all your questions on the subject.

And no, what I wrote here you won't hear from many, and you won't hear it often. Assuming you want to hear it. Or that you want to listen.


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