DeepFake. Mutual destruction is guaranteed.

DeepFake. Mutual destruction is guaranteed.

Around March of this year a deepfake on Sarti led me to write an article, which you see here: . At the time it was a video shot with a bad algorithm that put the face of Sarti on a pornodiva who took it in the Q from Brazzers bald.

I don't know who the lucky one was, honestly, since with the history of depilation you can no longer recognize women from pussy. When I was a teenager, recognizing Moana da Cicciolina was possible (and the masters knew how to recognize Moana from Baby Pozzi) but today I can't say who lent the body.

However, as I wrote in the article, that fake was amateur, and it showed a lot, because the AI ​​had not interpreted the "fish-eye" (a wide-angle lens) that is normally used to enlarge the genitals of the actors. So the Tailors had come out deformed. (unless he decided to become a Navigator of the Space Guild).

Disclaimer: as I did when his email was violated, I will not put the video in question here. Have I become a feminist? No: it is a very masculine sense of honor. Don't get too excited, you little girls.

My March article ended like this:

DeepFake. Mutual destruction is guaranteed.

Good. Because now the "Patient Zero" has arrived. Total thermonuclear war, which can ONLY guarantee the mutual destruction of all players, has begun. We have the "patient zero":

Shall we play a game?

The "patient zero" is Renzi. Now the video will run on the internet, Renzi will react by saying that, obviously, it wasn't him and he was a Deep Fake, and everyone will start to know that this technology exists.

The second step will be "always denying, denying". If before, after an unintelligent exit, the politician said "I was misunderstood", now he will say "I never said it". Then journalists will answer "but we have the video" and the politician will say "it's a deep fake".

When a politician goes on TV, let's say from Vespa, and he'll make us a shitty figure, he'll just have to say that "it's a deep fake". Of course, Bruno Vespa will be able to insist on what he wants by saying that the politician was really in the studio, but … he has no other proof but a video!

Perhaps those who thought they were displeasing Renzi did not understand that with this video they gave him the chance to NEGARE to have said anything he said in the past, to repudiate any interview, although recorded, he can now rewrite his own history.

But the problem is not Renzi: it happened to Renzi because it is the most important politician of the moment, the symbol that contains more information if you want to put it this way: the problem is that now this power has it all.

The news streaks have killed themselves: at the end of this war journalism will no longer exist.

You have disintegrated the very concept of news, whose truthfulness up until now was certified by an audio / video recording.

So it took us six months to switch from Sarti porn to Renzi, which is the true zero patient (shooting on the Sarti is too easy), it will take at least a year for this technology to enter popular culture, according to one my personal esteem. I don't know what the propaganda wars fought with these weapons will be, just as I didn't know that Renzi would be the "patient zero", but of one thing I am certain.

After the first Deep Fakes-based propaganda war, the most credible news we know <we will pass it on by word of mouth in front of the coffee machine. And we'll have just that.

Come on, it could have been worse: we could fight a nuclear war and the next we would have fought with stones and clubs, instead we are about to enter a propaganda war that uses deep-fakes, and all that happens to us is that they will have no more sense the news and the newspapers.

What is the maximum time limit? The next Italian elections. At the next election, Salvini MUST find a way to win. He has a destructive tool at his disposal. Morisi already has his boypussy all wet. Travaglio's newspaper, which has already invented "the Boschi consciometer", will become harder than

It is absolutely probable that the upcoming Italian elections will mark the end of the concept of "journalism": it will be a rain of deep fakes, which will be denied explaining to people what deep fakes are, but then the smart politicians will take advantage of it to take interviews you succeed badly, and in the end, in the chaos, the population will lose the notion of "news".

But the real problem is: what's next?

I mean, you have to ask yourself what kind of impact this has on the courts. Where videos are used as a "proof" that are of such low quality that they can be easily falsified WITHOUT the possibility of deciding on their truthfulness.

DeepFake. Mutual destruction is guaranteed.
Without the arrow, no one would be able to tell who the hell that guy is. And this, for the Italian courts, is a "test".

This is the point: in reality, from video surveillance cameras to private investigators carrying "evidence" of betrayals, modern society is making a JUDICIAL use of immoderate photographic, audio and video evidence.

Once the widespread knowledge of the concept of "deep fake" is consolidated in popular culture, lawyers will come. And they will demolish EVERY video with the same accusation.

In porn you can understand that it is a deep fake because modern porn is shot at very high resolution. But with images to the resolution of the "test videos" of the State Police, such reports are impossible.

After the demolition of the videos as evidence in the world of mass media, I foresee a time of one year, two years, because the courts can no longer use recordings as evidence without the lawyers asking for an expert opinion. The survey will answer that it is not possible to certify the veracity of the video, and the processes will become farces.

And we are still in the fortunate hypothesis, because we also have the possibility of producing fakes to use as an alibi. Your video says I was there, but by chance I have the video of Pippo's birthday party, and the video (much clearer than the painful one of the Police) says that instead I was at the party. The judge will have to choose between an illegible police video and a very clear one from Pippo's party.

Imagine what would have happened if Berlusconi had been given the opportunity to say that the interceptions had been built to perfection using a similar technique.

You started a war that can only disintegrate everyone, stupid Stripes. You fucked yourself with your own hands. The "scoop" you fed, the conviction that just sending a journalist with the camera on site to "trap someone" is about to collapse: every time you attack someone by sending the case to the spot, along with a camera, you will come sued for doing a deep fake. Any "uncomfortable" interview will result in a complaint for creating a deep fake.

DeepFake. Mutual destruction is guaranteed.
A brilliant idea, really.

I don't know what will remain of journalism after the deep fake emerges as a protagonist in the theater of political propaganda.

I find it difficult, however, that today's actors still have space.


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