Life > Work.

Life> Work.

And so, it took more than five thousand dead to make the government understand that it was necessary to close “non-essential” companies. Although there will always be smart people able to get an invoice in some “indispensable” sector, in order to continue as before, for the first time someone in Italy has the courage to say that human life is more important than work and the economy.

And let’s be clear: the thing, in a country where Confindustria threatened the newspapers to remove advertising from them if they had talked too much about deaths at work, was not at all obvious.

We are talking about the country where a city like Taranto was left to die of cancer because “jobs” and “industrial induced” came first. We are talking about the country where accident prevention was an annoying bureaucracy to be evaded, or to be met for pretense.

It must not have been easy for Conte to decide to stop the rabbrichétte. Perhaps it convinced him that, after all, Bergamo and Brescia are small realities. And if they were enough to collapse the local health system, nobody wants to know what will happen when it touches Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Palermo.

The Italian newspapers, under blackmail, have attempted to accuse anyone else of the ineffectiveness of the previous rules. The Czechs who hold the masks, the Americans who use the American military masks for American civilians, the runners, the loving couples, the lone cyclists in the entrance hall.

But they never mentioned entrepreneurs among greasers . Just as they never talked about a massacre that costs 1000 dead and 4,000 mutilated, accidents at work, just as they never really talked about slaves and underpaid servants (who prefer to call “precarious”), all the time they never wanted to talk about the fact that while ordinary citizens had to avoid contact with anyone , in factories they worked side by side to keep production high.

Aided by the unions, they preferred to tell the tale of “safety measures at work”: a country that has 1000 deaths at work every year would have become so virtuous and rigorous, in two days, that it could block one of the most elusive viruses . And they “forgot” to say that in order to go to lavurà these people had to attend subways and buses, or parking lots, petrol stations and toll booths if by car.

Today for the first time since the early 1980s, someone says that life is more important than economics and work. Implicitly, that human dignity is more important. An abrupt return to reality. And if this quarantine lasts for a medium or long interval, all these people will begin to understand what they are missing.

They will understand that their “prestigious” apartment because “in a central position” has no space for children to play. They will understand that their “mansion” does not offer them a space for sunbathing. Those who live on the first floor will finally realize they have bars on the windows for fear of crime, and to live in a prison. Those who had bought a car as a status symbol, now that they cannot use it, will begin to wonder if it was worth the expense. Slowly, the worm will creep into their minds.

They will understand that they have nothing to say to their family members. Who for years have only talked about work, and today that it’s gone, they don’t know what to talk about. They will have to face the fact that they don’t know their children . I don’t think everyone will understand.

But a dangerously high number of them will understand it.

After this epidemic of incompetence in the “privatized” healthcare system, marginally accentuated by the coronavirus, many things will be different.

Because when you widen a brain for a moment, it doesn’t come back as before.

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