The earthquake virus.

It happens after each earthquake, and to tell the truth it can also happen during the earthquake. And the story is so unnerving that to tell the truth, it is useless to keep talking about it. After each earthquake, the flaws in building construction are discovered on time. Amnesties, dubious authorizations, signatures of engineers who did not know they had signed (in short, falsified), poor materials, dubious design.

But nobody ever pays. And however much you try to say that the amount of deaths where these bad practices were the norm is much higher than elsewhere, the answer is that our earthquake was worse . And away with imaginative pseudoscientific news, for which our earthquake moved Siffredi's shit by six millimeters , our earthquake is more premature super-brush and so on. In short, the fact that there are more collapses and more deaths is never, it would seem, due to bad practices, but rather to the cynical and cheating destiny , worthy husband of a mother nature stepmother , who unite to martyr the poor builders of innocent abusive cases. This is repeated with such regularity that by now taking this discussion is more boring than anything else.

Even in times of coronavirus, things are no better. When comparing health systems, it is regularly discovered that the Italian would be the self-injurer who made the most swabs (then you read the numbers and it turns out that it is not true), and when fate turns the count upside down, acting on the number of deaths, then it is discussed that Germany (true) counts the deaths differently. Obviously, be careful not to count the Italian dead in the same way: never be it, embarrassing news could emerge.

And nobody asks the right question. For years, the Lombard health system has been called the most advanced, excellent, efficient, extravagant health system in the country. And yet … and yet we cannot fail to notice that the virus is now everywhere. It is said that yes, but the other countries are ten days behind on the infection , forgetting that the situation was worse in Lombardy even ten days ago .

But this too could be discussed. Why say that in an area many people die of earthquake due to bad rescuers would be obscene, in the presence of houses built with impoverished materials and a random design.

We must ask ourselves with certainty what "bad practice" is, exactly. Pollution? Maybe. Regardless of cause-effect relationships, can we say with certainty that breathing polluted air is a good practice? Can we say that having a 15% incidence of asthma diseases helped? Can we say that coronavirus kills healthy people and asthmatics alike? If we go back to the narrative of evil Germans who "count differently", it seems not.

But I heard an interesting thing told a biologist. One thing we should think about.

"If you shut a million hens in an unhealthy place, and use them to the limit to produce more eggs, what you get is an avian flu epidemic. If you close a million human beings in an unhealthy place and exploit them to the limit to produce more money … now we know what an epidemic is born ".

There are a LOT of questions to ask about the lifestyle of modern industrial areas. Let's talk about places, called sweatshops, or normal Italian factories , called SMEs, where eight hours are a legacy of the past. CHi does not make it at least 12.14 and is considered a fancazzista. Plus a couple of hours on the means to go to work. More food now lacking in nutrients, to the point that people have to use "food supplements" to compensate for food that contains almost no substances except salt, carbohydrates, fats and some proteins. Vegans may be right, if only the vegetables and fruit found in supermarkets really contained the nutrients they expected . But the food supplement industry says otherwise.

Then take people who are stressed and squeezed to the core, and make them sleep in huge buildings (it is clear: in the first suburbs, with fine finishes, and elegant, surrounded by greenery and comfortable for transportation.) Which are simply gigantic cages for chickens, where you live only because you don't really live there: you spend all your time at work.

To this you must add an additional physical stress, because while living in conditions of very high working stress and eating shit, you must also have the appearance of a healthy and sporty person. And so off with the gyms 24h, to drain the body of that little energy that still had kept for the worst days. Like cock on macaroni, holidays are no longer needed to rest, but to do even more stressful, tiring and unhealthy activities, to be chosen according to age.

The truth is that if the animal rights activists were honest, they would have to kidnap the inhabitants of many areas now affected by the viruses, and give them a little relaxation in an intensive breeding chicken cage.

And then we should ask ourselves, observing the spread of the virus, if instead of accusing fine particles and / or anything typical of industrial areas, we should not perhaps accuse the industrial area itself of being a hotbed of influence. It will not have escaped anyone that this influence originated in the areas of China most infested with inhuman factories that squeeze the person to the bone. And it should not have escaped anyone that the epidemic has gradually spread along the path of the so-called SMEs.

Those who never want to close, even if employees risk their lives.

And perhaps this would be enough to prove my theory.

I repeat, however, that as with earthquakes, I already know what it will talk about, and I already know what it will say. It will be said that the Lombard health was a Health of Excellence (mandatory capital letters), that the industrial areas of the Lombard Veneto were the absolute good, and that "the country cannot be stopped", as if the SMEs of Bergamo and Brescia were "the country", and if anyone points out, they will be told that the Lombard virus was worse than the others.

Because it is always the cynical and cheating fate , husband of the stepmother nature to make things go wrong.

Bad practices are never involved.

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